Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Three Tweets

Three Tweets
Acrylic, collage, stamping, stenciling, ink, on watercolor paper, mounted on painted cradled wood panel. Finished with acrylic glaze medium. 9x12x1"
$100 Email me.

I was cleaning off my table, putting away pens, brushes and stamps and I realized that my fave stamp was missing. It was a plus on one side + and a circle on the other O. I carved it from an art gum eraser and had just used it on a previous painting. After an hour of searching, I gave up. So it came down to making a new stamp. Now I have sticky backed foam sheets from Wal-Mart and in two seconds I had cut out a circle and a plus and was back in business. I like the new one even better.

But my fave is the sequin waste that is showing up in everything I paint lately. Why didn't I have fabric with dots that changed color gradually like this?


  1. OMG! Love this one, too. Only you would give those birds those fabulous LONG legs! Wonderful flowers and again , the teeny tiny circles. So much to enjoy in such a small piece.

  2. Hi Melody! I'm happy I found you! Your work is beautiful and unique! Greetings from Finnish woman living in Greece! x Teje

  3. You are just having too much fun to keep it to yourself, and for that, I thank you! I love this piece.

    p.s. When I saw the title, I thought Twitter. This is much better

  4. Terima kasih infonya :)


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