Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kudos Kerchief

The name is a double entendre. Kudos by Plymouth is the yarn and one receives kudos when wearing it. One skein is all it takes ( around 200 yards), and in this case the yarn does all the work. Of course any worsted weight would work, or even bulky yarn and bigger needles would produce a  wonderful result. If you are a beginning knitter and need a quick and easy project or an experienced knitter with a need for instant gratification, this is the project. Zoom zoom, done!
Needles: size 8 or whatever...gauge is not important. Kfb means to increase by knitting front and back in the same stitch.

Pattern: Cast on two stitches.
Row 1 K
Row 2 Kfb, K to end
Repeat row 2 until triangle measures about 15 inches.
Cast on 20 stitches on the next two rows for ties. Knit about 1.5"-2" for the ties. Bind off loosely. Is that easy enough?
OR: Slip the first stitch of every row and then Kfb in the next stitch. Whichever you prefer. I did the slip in this case. It's a habit.

The scarf measures 48" from tie end to tie end, and about 15" deep. Just right for a nice neckerchief.


  1. Hey, what is this ? ? ?
    I just finished and blocked my latest kerchief.
    What do i gotta do, dye some yarn 'n pick up my #8s??????

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Fun project, thanks for the directions. I immediatiely saw it with a white blouse and jeans, Can't wait to start it.

    Chumley would look great in one too.

  3. I think Chumley needs one too! I have to finish my Lacy Baktus first.

  4. Teresa Portugal5:09 PM

    hello, I´m soory my english is very bad, but your work is very beaultiful

  5. Woo-hoo! Finally got started with one of these... had to learn kfb first, but that was easy once I found a demo on youtube! This opens lots more doors for me, knit-wise! Thanks for the patterns, Melody!

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Wow! Love this simple pattern, and your others, too. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  7. I love the look of this one! Have been trying to find one for ages.

  8. Anonymous10:43 AM

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