Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Choosing the Front

Thanks for your votes!  The winning choice by readers is #1 for the front. The winning choice by the recipient is #2. So there you have it. In the final construction there will be more triangles added at the neckline, as well as a collar of some sort, so the body of the poncho will be a bit distant from the face, with more colors added closer to the face, as seen in this second picture of the first poncho. So even tho the panel #2 has very dark triangles in the picture, they will be offset by colorful triangles in the final assembly.

Off to my knitting group today, in the pouring rain. Weather here in Tennessee has been pretty darn exciting with high winds and lots of thunder and lightning. We had nothing come down in the yard, unless you count gigantic acorns which sound like gunshots on the roof. Getting the puppy out for his runs has been challenging.


  1. I love looking at your knitting projects... I have tried to knit can do socks and that's it...

  2. Your poncho is lovely! Which number Kureyon is that color?


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