Friday, July 04, 2014

White Swan Coneflowers

White Swan Coneflowers
Acrylic, collage, drawing, stenciling, stamping, ink on watercolor paper, mounted on painted cradled panel. Finished with acrylic glaze.  9x12x1" $100 Email me.

I was lucky earlier this year and found these coneflowers reduced to $1 a pot so I got two of each. What makes them wonderful is they are shorties, rather than the tall wild version and the flowers are so much more abundant. Botanists keep working on changing the colors of coneflowers but this change in scale is even better than the reds, orange and yellows that recently appeared on the market. I might like the green ones, if I ever find them. As you can see, the bumble bees are also big fans.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!


  1. Hi Melody! I want to buy this one. I clicked on 'email me' but didn't take me to your e address?
    Lee :)

  2. Taking advantage of this quiet Saturday morning to poke around and see what's new with you. Loving this floral series! And I love your actual flowers too. Hope you had a nice 4th with not too much noise outside.

  3. What a happy piece. Lucky new owner.

    I like that you got TWO bumblebees in the photo, too.

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