Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two Paintings Saturday

Acrylic, collage, stamping, sgraffito, splattering, and ink on gallery wrapped canvas. 12x12x1". $100 Email me.

You can imagine the fun I had painting this one. Control + wild abandon. I love how things can recede, float above and have dimension. And then another layer is added.

Acrylic, stenciling, stamping, ink, on gallery wrapped canvas, 8x10x1". $100 Email me. SOLD
A more subtle color scheme here. I am working toward a broader palette. Not everything has to be screaming primaries.
My first peppers from the garden. Big Bertha variety. Huge! Woowoo!


  1. Love the paintings! But I just noticed something... I don't see your signature on them. Are you forgetting to sign, or am I blind?

  2. The colors are the best!

  3. Big Bertha is the name of my roller composter that is used for produce cast offs, LOL

  4. I like these paintings...fresh and fun.


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