Friday, June 13, 2014


Acrylic, modeling paste, stamping, stenciling, collage, ink, conte crayon on watercolor paper mounted on painted birch cradled frame. 12x12x1"  Matte glazed finish. $100 Email me. SOLD

Putting away the blue paint and using only warm colors (at first) really changed the character of the piece. Yes, this reminds me of my quilts, which is what I was attempting. In fact I painted some papers just for this composition. Altho it is difficult to see in these photos, that square piece on the lower left is metallic gold, which I got in Tokyo, years ago. A little stack of 40 papers, for 200 yen. This is the first time I used any of them.
The harvest for today.
 And a collage of coming attractions.
It is soooo much easier to harvest green beans standing up. Love these raised beds!


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  2. I love this painting. This is more like I expected your paintings would look like - like your quilts. I was quite surprised that your earlier paintings were in much more muted colours. You're very talented at many artistic pursuits - and gardening too!

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