Monday, June 16, 2014

A Better Set-up

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Acrylic, modeling paste, stamping stenciling, ink, pencil on watercolor paper, mounted on painted wood cradle. 12x12x1" $100 Email me. SOLD

It's so different for me to work in black and white, but I have been influenced by lots of wonderful work that is pinned on Pinterest and had to have a go at it for myself. I am reminded of my days in drawing class where color was never included in the lesson plan. One can do so much with value, and I especially enjoyed mixing and stamping just the right shade of gray to contrast with its background spot. Then I added black and white inks to bring the personal touch to the work. 

The round honeycombs were made with this stomper through sequin waste, a totally wonderful accident. And that T-paper core is my fave stamp... 

Here's an earlier painting, now called Beige Love, which I mounted on painted watercolor paper and then mounted that on painted canvas. Presentation makes all the difference. Private collection.
So, about the better set-up. I was not comfortable with the way I was painting and had too much stuff on my table, so I rearranged things, put things away and purchased a new rolling wire shelf unit.
 Now I can easily get to the panels, the paint, my drawing pads, and collage papers, as well as the paint, and the stuff is not spread out over three tables anymore.

The paints are on my right. and so is the paper palette that I used on this current work. All the mediums and stamps are handy too. 
The two tables are up on bed risers so I have a much bigger surface to hold all my stuff. 

And now I have a drying table, and a place to keep work that is ready to mail out.

So much easier to get at things, and find things, which included two pads of 12" square drawing paper that I forgot I had. Duh.
One nice thing: If I need to sew, I can clear off a table to work and have a place to put the stuff in the meantime. Yay!


  1. Hilary2:55 AM

    Melody, the compositions in the paintings you've done over the past couple of weeks remind me of your "Ring Toss" quilt.

  2. How did you mount Beige Love onto the canvas? I am always amazed at how fast you work.

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