Sunday, February 16, 2014

Atttttt Last !

It looks so empty and clean, but that will soon change. I am so happy with this space, and how cheerful it is when the sun is up. I couldn't wait to take pictures, even tho it is nighttime. All my plans on where to put things changed, due to where the electrical outlets are, and now I feel this arrangement will work.
My design wall is the first project, and I have the Command hooks and batting to cover it at the ready. I will be cutting out a rectangle from the styrofoam, once again,  for the outlet, so I can still use that for whatever I need to plug in. The ceiling height is higher in this studio, by at least a foot, compared to the last incarnation. So I am aligning the styrofoam sheets horizontally under the light and that will fill the space adequately. I just didn't want to have to buy new sheets, since I have the batting leftover from the previous studio, all cut to size.
The two ceiling lights that came with the room are way inadequate and I will be replacing those with more BIG lights, since we have them at the old house. I am sure the new buyers won't be wanting to have their loft space as blasted with lights as I did.


 I have my tunes set up on the red chest, which holds all my fused fabrics. And I will be putting bed risers on the white table to bring it up to working height. Those must still be in the closet in the other house. I might get a small (realistic size) TV for this room, since I have the space, and may want to watch something while I quilt. We'll see.
I am going out on a limb to say that this is the best studio space I have ever had, ever. Except for the beige walls. Dave...break out the paint and rollers!
 The fabric is hastily put away and true organization will have to wait. I am just happy that I was able to squeeze it all back onto shelves, in some sort of fashion. Believe me, there is a lot more in the garage waiting for a home up here. Eeek. Not to mention one more closet full of painting supplies at the other house. I will put all that in the adjacent storage room. (where I already stashed all my yarn!) Eventually I will finish all the Make Me a Quilt requests and return to painting.
Dave and I went Big TV shopping and picked out the set with the best picture and then he said, "Are you sure we really need a big TV?" Wha?. It was his idea. So I said we'd wait and see, and I am hoping that the idea fades. We can always get one later, and maybe put it in the master bedroom, which is pretty scantily furnished and could accommodate these old fart chairs easily. And if he falls asleep five minutes into the film, he's not far from the bed.


  1. So beautiful! I'm happy for you that your new home is working out so nicely for you. I know how hard it was to leave your "old house."

  2. What kind of styrofoam did you use for your design wall? I need something I can bring home in pieces that will fit in my trusty toyota corolla.

  3. What an amazing space - it looks huge! I'm sure you are going to be very happy and creative there.

  4. Judy Morningstar9:53 AM

    Won't it feel great to get back to "normal" again, and return to creating art. One wee suggestion I would have is that you fill that studio space right up so there isn't room for a big TV. I have faith that you could do it, too! hahaha

  5. You were talking about the lighting and said, "buyers".... is that a hint that the house sold? Love what you are doing so far in the house home.

  6. beautiful space to work in

  7. I am wondering about the Command hooks and your design wall statement. how thick is your design wall and how do you hang it with Command strips?
    Thank you

  8. I have space envy over your large space and good lighting but I am watching as you organize your space, gleaning some good ideas for my own use. I see some knitting on your table and wonder if it is the Hitchhiker scarf from Ravelry.

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