Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zzzzz. . .Zzzzz

Chumley and Tony, finally settled down after a harrowing day. Tony found half of a milk chocolate bar, from IKEA, and ate it. Maybe Chumley got a little, we don't know. I found the empty wrapper and knew immediately whodunnit.

As you probably know chocolate is poisonous to dogs and the results are vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, lethargy, agitation, increased thirst, an abnormal heart rhythm or racing heart rate, seizures, and possibly death.
I was so upset and worried and watched them like a hawk to see if they might be poisoned. At first there was a lot of water drinking and then they ran around and wrestled with each other for about a solid hour. The barking and jumping and biting and running was seemingly endless. My guess is the caffeine in the chocolate really took hold. Especially on the bad little dog. 
But thankfully, the effects wore off and they conked out, just like little kids do after a lot of sugar.
The rest of the night was calm and they both are OK, thank heavens.
Dave and I are trying to schedule our move, which will be incremental, as we want to stage this house for showings. Some furniture will stay and some will be moved. Since we have a trailer, a van and friends with trucks, it should be simple to get the larger things out. 
We don't want to leave the house vacant and we have enlisted some friends to stay here, keeping the place semi-occupied and running smoothly while we await a buyer.
So am I packing? Not exactly. 
We will bring the washer and dryer, chests of drawers and clothes on the first go 'round, and those can be easily carted off intact, more or less. A few chairs, some lamps, bed clothes, and toiletries can fit in my car. It will be like camping out. 
I am having our new mattresses delivered on the first day, and early the next day our refrigerator and cable/internet/electric gets turned on. Yay! We are getting fiber optics power from EPB, the fastest in the country, so they say.
So as far as packing goes, I am working on a quilt in my studio here. I may finish the top here today, and quilt it at the new house. So you could say I am packing in the creative stuff while I can.


  1. Sharon9:35 AM

    Glad the boys are okay. I can only imagine how you were feeling. Wishing you the best for a smooth and uneventful least you're not moving in the heat and humidity of the summer like we usually do (we're in North Carolina).

  2. My little Jack Russell had a couple of chocolate eating incidents, one in which she incorporated a jar of peanut butter. Don't ask. I remember how her little heart raced and how scary it was. Glad your guys are okay. Fiber Optics is one of my favorite things about living in Chattanooga. You'll love it!

  3. I'm SO glad the pups are OK :)

    I'm exhausted just reading about your move!! We've so many times during our 38 years together that I'm not sure I'd have the energy to attempt it again. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Oh poor Tony. I read you can use peroxide to induce chocolate up-chuck.

  5. I had a dog many many years ago who ate a bowl of Hersey's Kisses. She seemed okay, but her poop was glittery for a while. I was amazed that she wasn't sick and didn't get a blockage.
    Good luck on your move; you make me tired just reading about it!!

  6. My grandfather used to feed my dog M & M's. A handful every single day as he walked through my yard on his way to somewhere else. Good thing I didn't know it was bad for her huh? Glad they are okay and good luck with your move.

  7. I am glad the dogs survived, especially without digestive upset that you would have had to clean up, but I can only imagine how long their hyperactive time must have seemed.

    On the move: when I read about your decision, I had just heard about Chattanooga's excellent infrastructure and was going to suggest you look within the city limits. However, by the time I could comment, you were already thinking about the house you did buy. How nice that you have the speedy service!

  8. Silly dogs. Glad they are okay.

  9. I am way behind on your news.

    I remember the excitement of you moving to the house, the development of your studio, the pond, the retaining wall, the fish, the hens, painting the walls and getting the garden into shape.

    Now you get to do it again. The new house looks lovely. Will you be able to split the hostas and plant some on the shady side of the new fence? I know the yard will become a garden in your hands. Soon the house will get the full Melody treatment and will become your home. It will be fun watching you develop it. Best wishes for your move and a speedy sale of the old house.

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