Sunday, January 26, 2014

Make Me a Quilt : Ann

 Fuchsias for Ann
Hand dyed cottons and silk
Fused, machine quilted

I seriously didn't think I would have time to make this piece before the move, but I thought I would just start and do a little bit and then maybe a little bit more, and before I knew it I was finished making the top. After a while I thought I might prepare the top for quilting and just do a bit of stitching and again, it was finished with time to spare before Downton Abbey starts.

This is a variation of a design I have done before, but this time I felt I had better fabric to use, including the silk panel. When it came to the quilting, I felt outline quilting did the trick, and let the design carry the day.


  1. That is beautiful. I love that flower and I love every color in that piece.

  2. Nossa... é lindo!!!! Lindo!!!!
    Um abraço e boa semana!
    Uau ... is beautiful!! Gorgeous!!
    A hug and good week!

  3. It is really beautiful! It's so fun to get lost in creativity. It's happiness!

  4. My GOSH Melody! You just keep outdoing the previous ones. This is incredible. How many layers are the leaves in the middle? Do you trim away before adding another one? Do you do all the fusing on a teflon sheet, then transfer it to the piece? You're such an inspiration! I'm enjoying mine (The Moon Beams) every day!
    Maggie in Arizona

  5. Lucky Ann!!! I think this is by far my favorite quilt that you've ever done! Just gorgeous :)

  6. You're an artist, really beautiful!

  7. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Amazing, beautiful, creative work...but are you certifiably NUTS????!!! Don't you know you're moving?? Pack, clean, organize, worry, obsess, rinse, repeat. Oh yeah, and just toss making a beautiful work of art on the to-do list. Crazy. I put off projects to clean out a closet or pull weeds. I'm exhausted just reading your blog. Obviously your brain is hard-wired as an artist first & foremost. And a great creative talent it is - your work is stunning. But now get packing - you're driving ME crazy!

  8. AustinNancy1:41 PM

    I think this is one of your most beautiful pieces. It looks like a luminous painting. Good luck with moving.

  9. OMG! I think I love this more than any of the previous ones! So much so that I have to say so!

    Melody, Thank you for being such a faithful blogger. I check on your a few times a week and truly enjoy your blogging style as well as the stories you share with us.

  10. Oh Melody. The movement of the little stamens, they arc so beautifully and the tiny punch of those orange dots glow against those blues. And all the other gorgeous colors...simply gorgeous. What I love most about this is that it marries your two loves, gardening and art. You have such beauties inside. Thanks so much for letting them out in quilts and sharing them with us.

  11. Wow, that is gorgeous! Love it!!

  12. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Just lovely! There is something so graceful about fuchsias. Julie

  13. Talk about multitasking! This piece is gorgeous I had to do a double take because it looked 3D!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Oh how I wish this one was mine....... Breathtaking.

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