Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Counting Down the Days

The Listing is online here.
Dave has spent the last two days clearing out the garage and tool shed, making it Christmas for his friends. He is even giving away the firewood that we have accumulated from fallen or cut down trees. His pals are thrilled to get all the goodies that he collected "in case we ever might need them" saying, "this was such a deal".
He loves a deal. We are so alike.
I took four large bags of stuff to Goodwill, and have more to go. I did find a box full of my quilt patterns, which a few folks have asked for over the years. I will make them available here on the blog in the coming days, when the move is over.

It's pretty darn cold here, for Tennessee. We got about an inch of snow. I'm glad I have no place I must go today.
With the move impending I am working on setting up electric, water, trash pick up, and internet/tv service. We will not have a landline, for the first time ever. I guess we're catching up with the rest of the world, finally.
The move-in will be incremental, since we want to stage this house to make it look move-in ready. And we want new stuff (Hello IKEA), like counter stools, and new beds and mattresses. The real challenge will be to take both dogs to the new place. I do have some knock-out pills for them and we hope that makes it easier to travel the 45 minutes it will take to get there. We have one big crate for the Chumster, and Tony will be a good boy and sit on the lap of the passenger.
Since Dave gave away so much stuff to his friends (with trucks!), he also bargained on their help to move us. We still have all the plastic bins and Rubbermaids from our move down here. They will be reused, and many things don't even have to be packed as they are already in bins.
Lucky for me I have a storage room already in the new house for all this stuff.


  1. It sounds like you are on top of everything for the big move. That is a great idea of trading stuff for moving help! I hope it warms up for moving day. In NE ohio it is 1 degree. One time when I moved it was -11 one weekend and -20 the next weekend. My brothers were not very happy!

  2. Good luck with the move! I do love your house, though. Wish we were 1000 miles closer!

  3. It's all sounding so familiar......I'm still tired out from the move. I hope the house sells quiickly.

  4. I love to read your blog. It's at the top of my bookmarks and I read it every day. You have such a positive attitude. Dave is a lucky guy. Good luck with the move and I hope you love the new house as much as you love the one that you're leaving. I'm sure the dawgs will be fine in their new place, too.

  5. Good luck with your move! We just moved and downsized. It has been an interesting process and one I hope not to repeat! That said we were not able to gradually move. It all had to happen in two days, so I'm thinking your move will be much smoother. Our dog was a bit of a wreak for the first few days, but has relaxed into the new home completely. You new home looks lovely and your old home is so pretty that I'm sure it will sell very quickly!

  6. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Maybe it's just me, your post today seems kind of sad. :(
    Hope you're having a good day.

    Becky in Indiana

  7. Getting rid of accumulated "stuff" is liberating, but also scary! You are so well organised it's going to be easier, but it is still a hugely stressful business. I hope you're doing some 'getting away from it all' stuff too. The house looks perfect, so you can relax on that front. Congratulations, the slideshow was lovely.

  8. I'm thinking about you during this move. Your house will sell in a heartbeat. It's so beautiful AND is an amazing price. I asked my hubby if he were ready to move to your neck of the woods. Not quite yet. :) The dawgs will have a grand time. Good luck, Girl.

  9. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Your listing looks great but I had to laugh! There are going to be people going through your house wondering who you are!!! I had a lady in my house the other day who pointed at some quilts hung on the walls and asked " Did you make those things?". You have so many of "those things"! ;-D Good luck.

  10. Hi Melody, Somehow I have missed your post about moving....With your renovation complete, why are you moving if you don't mind me asking....I thought you and Dave loved your house. You two have done so much to make it just right for the two of you....

  11. Wish I was ready to retire; I'd buy your house in a heartbeat!

  12. We have talked about moving to Tenn. Michigan is awful this year and still having aging parents to tend to, we can't think about it yet. Other than that, we would buy your house based on your blog and the listing. It's just what we want..............oh well............someday. And your someday is here!!!!!!!!! Linda from Lansing

  13. Melody, I love your spirit of adventure. You make everything sound fun. My fingers are crossed that your house sells quickly and that we have a nice warm spell for you to make the move.
    Regina in Knoxville

  14. Wow it's very nice place. The house looks perfect, so you can relax on that front.

  15. Anonymous11:15 PM

    How on earth can you leave that beautiful grand home that you have put your heart and soul in. I get why Dave's needs are special - but your new place also has a staircase. I'm just sad to not see it anymore. Oye and after you painted the entire exterior! bahhhhh... :(

  16. Good luck with your move - this will be such a change for you two, and the dogs, too! No more running around in the woods, that's for sure. I hope your place will sell quickly; it's so gorgeous with all the work you and Dave put into the grounds and the house. Good luck!

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