Monday, January 20, 2014

Make Me a Quilt : Darlene

Leaf Quintet
Hand dyed cottons and silks, commercial stripe, fused, hand embroidered, machine quilted. 10.5"x 11.625"
Working in a smaller scale means making difference choices. It's easy to overload the composition, so I must keep an eye out for 'toomuch-itis'.
 A reader asked how I finish the edges of my elements. And I don't. Imagine how different this would look if the tiny bits were stitched down with a zigzag stitch. Not good, in my humble opinion. Instead, I stitch next to the shapes and that tends to sink that adjacent edge just enough to keep it stable. Since everything is fused, it won't ravel anyway. With the commercial stripe, I used the hand dyed fabric to cover those edges, both top and bottom, since it does sometimes want to come unfused. The one piece of silk I used is charmeuse, and it it is the orange leaf.

It's Official.


  1. Hope it sells FAST and at your price!

  2. We are doing the same thing--downsizing, moving into a community of houses rather than living in isolation, and we've already bought the new house (not finished yet). Now if we could just sell this one...

    Good luck on your new adventure. Hope your house sells quickly! (Hope mine does too.)

  3. I often get drawn into seeing symbolism developing and I won't go babbling on about what I have seen developing, I'll make it brief.

    I loved when you started collaborating on commissioned pieces, I saw a great burst of enthusiasm that seemed higher than your what you show in every thing you do. That excited me because I love your art quilts. As each person's turn came up I saw almost everyone had one or more of your quilts of houses or trees. Maybe it was my love for trees and houses that caused me to pay attention. Other things popped into my mind about this symbolism along the way and when I read your post about moving it just seemed to fit even thought I was in total shock.

    Today's post rather summed it up for me. The house on the hill surrounded by the trees and a smaller commissioned piece. You even commented you were excited about doing a smaller piece, just before the shock post about downsizing.

    So while I will miss the pictures of the garden, the pond and fish I love looking at and the trees in all their different phases of beauty I am so excited for your future.

  4. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I wish we could buy your house - but it's rather a long way to come from the UK!!! Actually I'll be in Florida next week - again!

  5. You really don't shilly-shally around! Good luck on the upcoming move. I hate moving, having just done it again. I hope your old house sells quickly at the price you want/need.

  6. Anonymous10:43 AM

    What a joyful little quilt! Julie

  7. So lovely!
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  8. Fingers crossed that the house sells quickly! The pictures look lovely. What a beautiful home.. :-)


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