Saturday, December 21, 2013

Collaborating with Cherry

Here are Cherry's responses to my list of questions:

Awesome, I have looked at all of your quilts! I follow your blog daily and am always so happy to see your updates.

1. size 18 "
2. vertical orientation
3. Love earthy colors with high contrast
4. Fancy machine quilting and hand stitching
5. Imagery- hmm not sure what all those words mean-
But like geometric and atmospheric
6. Pieced, hand dyed cottons and silks

Now for the pieces I liked which were numerous!

Full sails: I love the color movement but like it straight- not off balance
 loved the movement and colors of the corners but not loving the purple
loved the squareness, angularity and red and green colors

Boxed stripes #2 love the green
Treehouse series are great

Stripe series hidden wells
Boxed stripes - loved this one

like the structure but not the bright cobalt blue
 loved the dimensions of this

 like this house
 love ginkgo leaves and the layout!

 like the muddy color
Desert sky - another great one

 love the colors and angles 

 Do you have silks you could add to this- they are so rich?
I hope I have not completely confused you on what I like. 

From me: I am not confused, as you were very clear about what you like and aren't so happy about. And I will be adding silks, and will try to keep structure in mind as I compose your piece.

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  1. And I'll tell you what I like...seeing "my" quilt as the header to this post! I had company the last few days and he loved what this quilt does for my living room. He's seen it several times before and loved it each time but this time it was like it was new all over again!


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