Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Newish Room

I have my twin bed back, which is great because I have so many quilts that work on it. But my grand master plan of sleeping sans dawgs has failed, and I have both of them for most of the night, one above the covers, and the other under the covers. Oy!
This view is from my bathroom, which I am now calling my en suite, after watching so much HGTV, and all those Canadians. 
During the day I have those blinds raised and the sunshine pours in like liquid gold. It is so cheery and the view of the pond, iced over at the moment, is lovely. In the summer it will be all garden view, all the time.

Facing the bed away from the TV and under the cathedral ceiling offers me a fresh perspective, more floor space and it makes me feel like reading in bed, instead of TV watching. Nice.
And until the new closet door is installed, I can gaze into my walk-in and sigh with happiness. The French doors are not usable in this configuration, but so? I like the open floor plan better than that 'grand entrance'. With so many doors in this small room, I decided to override the doorway and make my own wall space.

Of course I can still watch TV and knit, or use my computer in this cozy nook. I covered my chair arms and seat with some striped cottons, and made a quickie ottoman cover with more dots. Can't have too many dots. The effect is so girly. Yay!
And then an update on the quilts in Dave's room.

Machu Pichu is hung for the first time ever. Followed by Nebulosity, Deuces Are Wild, and Lollapalooza Log Cabin.

Sunrise Sky, with Dave enjoying his meal, accompanied by dawgs of course.
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  1. Beautiful! Sorry the dog arrangement didn't work... wonder if it is because Dave's hours vary... you're probably a more dependable sleep companion! We have a patio room with a door from the living room that closes... the cats have access to that room at night, along with a pet door to allow them to come and go. That works oh so well for me, who is a very light sleeper at best! That probably wouldn't work for your crew though... me thinks they would set up a howl if they were put in a room without you! Sigh...

  2. This is lovely!

  3. Ok, now I want to completely re-arrange every room in my house.

  4. This is the most awesome thing I've seen in love love

  5. This is the most awesome thing I've seen in love love

  6. What a wonderful room!

  7. The beauty in your house is a good way! How could anyone be surrounded by all that glorious color and not feel joy?

  8. Judy Morningstar2:49 PM

    Love how all the parts of your new setup work so well together. You have created spaces that work well for your lifestyle, and they are beautiful!!! Have you tried hiding dog biscuits in Dave's bed to lure them out of your wee bed?

  9. Anonymous2:04 AM

    I love what you have done with your home and the bright quilts and furniture.
    I especially appreciate seeing your dogs. I had a pug for over 15 years and ended up taking him to the ER Thanksgiving morning and had to let him go. He was such a good dog. I hope I can find another pug someday.

  10. Прекрасный интерьер: удивительно гармоничный и красивый!

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