Friday, November 29, 2013

Dave's New Bedroom

Dave's  new  room is so close to being finished.  Yes, there are a few things left to paint, and tile, and the bathroom is not yet up and running, but the space is cleared of most construction items, the floor vacuumed, and washed, so why not move in the furniture and artwork? The beadboard I wanted was just hung and painted and the corner trim has been fixed and will get painted next, along with the new stairs.

The new compact ceiling fan is just great, and operates by remote control. The pugs are a riot on this slick new floor, scrambling without gaining traction. But it's Pergo, and doesn't scratch, so we're not worried.

And ta-da! The space is suddenly a bedroom/kitchen/gallery/music playing room. Red and black was the chosen color scheme, and I had to scour my quilt closet for quilts that had the right colors, not too girly, for his walls. The one over the bed is from 1995 and is pieced (!) and named Nebulosity. The one on the stair wall is Lollapalooza Log Cabin, also pieced.

It was of utmost importance for Dave to hook up his stereo to the TV and bring in his speakers. I insisted on the bench at the entrance, so he can remove his boots and drop his jacket. The porch table works for his laptop. The mini-kitchen is for his midnight hunger pangs. Again, everything is coordinated in red and black.

The red locker is now his pantry, and will hold cookies, bread, popcorn, ramen, etc. The and pop and leftovers to reheat. It has a tiny freezer and came with a mini ice cube tray.

I found this chair as a discard and he painted it red. I made the cushion. This red table came from a flea market and I paid $15. Dave painted it and coated it with carnuba wax. What a prize. The Marshall amp and speakers are for his electric guitars.

Before we finished the room, a nap was necessary. Here's Tony between Dave's legs, his preferred position.
We love this new room, and can hardly wait til the bathroom is completed. I have one more quilt to hang, but discovered I had never sewn on the rod pocket. So today I will attend to that.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the colors, and the quilts really jazz it up lots! Sounds like everything Dave could need with (hopefully) more sleep for you! Very well done...

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Oh my, this look fabulous! Love it!


  3. Wow! It's a wonderful space and your quilts look perfect. Since I've been reading your blog for a long time and have seen how you love to change things up, my first thought was "She's going to love it when it becomes her studio again"! :)

  4. Fabulous Melody! Dave will be comfortable and able to potter in the night as he needs to. The colour scheme is great.

  5. Anonymous8:53 PM

    What a fantastic job,you and Dave make a great creative team. Julie

  6. Dave's new room looks awesome!! Love the quilts you chose to hang. It must feel great to have this big project done.

  7. This looks like such fun. It makes me wish I had a new space to decorate just for me.

  8. Judy from Northport10:45 PM

    Just wonderful...

  9. Judith K9:44 AM

    Once again, I'm totally impressed by your creativity and especially your ability to envision how something will look in the future. I agree with the reader who said that you and Dave make a great team.

  10. You have a great sense of design and colour.

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