Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Mindful Eating

I hate to talk about dieting, but I gotta, just this once. I have lost 20lbs. in 69 days. (I gained three pounds over Thanksgiving, but lost it right afterwards).  The program I use is www.loseit.com and it really makes it simple. I am not hungry. Ever. Mostly because I eat a lot of protein and fiber-rich fruits and veggies, especially broccoli. I have learned a few tricks that I want to share.
1. Eat your breakfast late, but before 10am.
2. Skip lunch but eat dinner or second meal before 4pm. (I don't cook for Dave anymore, and he eats every two hours or so).
3. Eat nothing after that second meal.
I am allowed about 1300 calories a day but only eat about 600-700.  I weigh everything and sit down to eat each time.
For breakfast: 8 oz of 1% cottage cheese with sweetener and cinnamon is a lot of cottage cheese. Plus that apple and two fiber tabs and coffee or tea and I am full. 275 calories.
Or two eggs and a  medium pear, 283.
Or yoghurt and an medium apple, 205.
For my second meal, 4 oz of meat, chicken, roast pork or ham, and a veg like heaps of broccoli or a huge lettuce salad with low cal dressing on the side 350. I might have a pear with that or some nuts.
5 kalamata olives are 63 calories. 2tbs chopped walnuts are 100 calories.

Apples and pears are great because they are sweet, have a lot of fiber and a great to chew. The chew factor is important. And at my age, fiber pills are quite the helpful addition.
I don't really exercise,  unless you count walking the dogs.
It seems like I am eating nothing, especially compared to my previous habits. No more morning toast slathered with butter, topped off with ten sugar cookies. I really did eat that way. And popcorn with butter, and butter with butter. Just bad eating.
Last time I dieted for real was in 2002, and I took off 63 pounds and kept it off (mostly) for five years. Then I got lazy. That's all it was. Just not caring. Then my cousin and my sister were warned about diabetes and I took that as a warning to myself too. Now we are all being more conscious.
And adding to that, I realize that this has a lot to do with control, and while I am controlling myself, I am controlling my house, and the dawgs too. Getting organized, making a schedule, and finding a good routine have helped my outlook tremendously.
Now if I could just get the dawgs outta my bed.

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  1. Wow!! That's wonderful that you've done so well on this diet :) Since I've gotten to a "certain age", I'm lactose intolerant so ALL dairy products are gone from my kitchen. No yogurt or cheese of any kind and no cottage cheese either. Can't eat anything soy either. DH and I have cut down on starches (potatos, rice, pasta, etc.) and tomato-based products, which means no spaghetti. We feel better and have maintained a healthier weight but I know there are a lot of other foods we need to cut out. I have to go slow with my DH, though, because he doesn't do well with changes...haha. If I just "cooked" for myself I'd not eat things that I shouldn't.

  2. Thanks for this post. Darn weight is such a struggle for so many including me! Glad you are getting control. I lost a few pounds the last couple of weeks because I had a really bad cold - the worst cold I can remember in decades! I want to take advantage of this losing direction so your post is just to ticket! Also, so glad to see you remodeling project is almost complete. Everything looks great and so much more functional. The quilts look wonderful and add so much happiness to each room. Great job!

  3. Great weight loss! I have signed in with the diet people and told 1000 calories per day thanks for mentioning this to me earlier and again today!
    Love your new room, I love the bright colour.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss - will we see an "after" picture soon?

  5. Hmmm. Dieting is slow progress for me...but I now go to the gym three times a week and I can tell you that I feel heaps better...and my blood pressure is way way down. I am eating more protein too and it does keep me full for longer. Well done you!

  6. Congratulations Mel you're amazing - but then you never do anything by halves, do you!!

    Sorting the dawgs might be too difficult a task even for you!!!

  7. Congratulations, Mel! I've been struggling against a 9 lb gain over the last few years. Doesn't sound like much, but I, too, had lost 15+ about 10 years ago and hate back-sliding. Once you've lost and kept it off, it's so difficult to accept it creeping back!
    I have had a tumultuous last couple of years and think that your observation about getting organized and having a routine is spot on. I'm down 3 lbs this morning and am going to try adapting your successful approach. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Good for you - congratulations on your self-discipline and your weight loss! :-)

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