Sunday, October 06, 2013

Trash Into Treasure

Sometime last year I found this discarded bamboo chair and decided we 'needed' it. It was unpainted and Dave had some leftover orange paint which he was using on anything that didn't move, and so it got painted orange, and lived mostly on the porch or in the garage. It had a seat cushion with it and while the chair sat in the rain often the chair cushion managed not to get ruined. Faded, but not ruined. Still, the chair never made it to prime time in the house until NOW. We decided that Dave's new room will be white, gray, black and red, and so out came the red spray paint.

 It looked so gorgeous that I immediately volunteered to make a new cushion out of this sparkly iridescent dotted black decorator cotton (vintage, I've had it for over 15 years). It turned out great and now the King will have his throne.
And then I heard from our contractor that the flooring will be laid (partially, I assume) tomorrow (Monday) and now we are scrambling to get furniture moved and tiles ripped up. At last the fun begins!

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  1. Beautiful chair!! A great throne!

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    That chair is indeed a throne! I am sure it is much better RED than the other color.

    This is a little push to take lots and lots of pictures during the floor install.....I am really really interested... have a project waiting in the wings.

  3. So creative! I love the chair and it certainly will be an asset to the black/grey room.
    Good luck with the flooring.
    Regards from the Netherlands,

  4. That looks awesome. I'm so glad that the floor is getting laid...the end must be in sight now.

  5. Judith7:38 AM

    Love the red chair. It's the epitome of trash to treasure.

  6. Beautiful! And I really love the fabric... it would be too heavy for my coiled fabric bowls, but I'm tempted to try creating something like that with black fabric and fabric paints. Can't wait to see the new flooring!

  7. Nice addition to the new decor, eager to see how it all comes together.
    Do you have a special "cording foot" you used on the cushion? I have a zipper foot that is recommended but it just doesn't get close enough to the cord... wondering?


  8. The Chair is FABULOUS!!! Recycling at it finest. Can't wait to see the flooring. My DH & I just finished a flooring & kitchen project.

  9. Love what you did with the chair. And the price was right!


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