Saturday, October 05, 2013

Collaborating with Fernande

Hi Melody,'s my turn :-)
Ok, first I will try to give an answer to all the questions:
size: 18"
orientation: Vertical
Color scheme  high contrast, vivid
surface treatment: I love your machine quilting!!!! but hand-quilting is fine too, it's up to you
imagery: botanical
fused and if possible no binding but your escape hatch finish. Since you showed me how to do this in St Moritz, all my wall hangings have this finish, I love it!
I love most of your quilts but  especially this ones:
Fern Trio (I love's a part of my name) :-)

October gift
Croton 2
Leaf light
under the silken moon

I'm sure you will create the perfect quilt for me and I will be proud to own a real Melody Johnson quilt!


  1. As these are my favourites too, I'm really looking forward to the new piece!

  2. I agree that these are all wonderful! I do not remember "October Gift", which is not your "usual" colorway, but OH so beautiful, and perfect for the season. Part of the fun of these collaborations is a chance to see your previous quilts again.


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