Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Living Through a Remodeling

The view from the loft studio down into the dumping ground of the living/dining room.
The bathroom floor is gone and today the new porcelain tile will be laid and we can use this room again. Thank heaven we have a toilet upstairs.

We do have an aisle to walk through downstairs, and the first night I moved a twin mattress onto my studio floor to sleep, since my room was all torn up. At least I thought I would sleep there. But the dogs were thrilled to both be in my bed with me, so sleeping was hardly possible. Last night I slept in my room again and found a way to walk on the very sticky floors. Only one dog in my bigger bed made my night much better.

The room which will be the big new walk-in closet still looks like this, but tomorrow this will be demo'ed and new flooring will be laid. We hope.

I am happy to say that I did get a full day in the studio yesterday and love what I am making for Fernande. All in silk so far! When I get back from buying more building supplies today I will finish it.

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  1. Hope the remodel is short and sweet! I remember living through a kitchen remodel, everything in boxes, having to do the dishes in the bathtub! I'm sure the results will be wonderful for you all!

  2. Our bathroom has suffered damage from a hidden leak which has only recently surfaced with tiles lifting. We are in danger of falling through the floor...and eagerly await the combined builder plumber tiler trio to assess cost. Insurance will pay some but not all.
    Can't wait to see the new quilt!

  3. Things look topsy turvey at your house. I lived through an entire house remodel when we moved to Cooperstown, NY. The school teachers complained my children couldn't find their homework at home. I said they were lucky to find their beds!


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