Monday, October 14, 2013

Make Me a Quilt : Georgina

Prairie Sky

Stack Series #5

Several of the quilts that Georgina mentioned as her favorites were available, sitting in my closet, so I suggested that she might want to choose one, knowing in advance that she would have liked it. I have a houseful of workmen right now, making concentrating without interruption is nearly impossible, so this also factored in to the mix.
Here's how she made her choice. ( I love how she writes!)
I am really attracted to Stack # 5, it reminds me of the scenes from the highways in early winter, I remember one trip North on I-35 and the red and orange branches of the dogwoods (cornus) poking up out of the first snows and the soft light early mornings.  These are colours in my own alternate palette, and so speak to me, which is why I included it in my inspiration/like folder. It has made this decision not so easy.
Then Stack # 4, it is beautiful, but so hard, with the limits of colour reproduction on the computer, to really work out the intensity and values of the colours used.
I feel that Prairie Sky really meets my ideal ‘Melody’ quilt...the amazing colours you have achieved, dots, strings, hand and machine quilting.  I like the story that you blogged with this quilt, as to how the fabric said ‘make me’. It also meets my own story, I grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, and found Mansfield and Rocky Ridge Farm in Rand McNally were just down the road from our first place of employment in Springfield. So we went to visit. So Prairie Sky is ‘right on’!
I would be very proud to own Prairie Sky, and am extremely happy to accept your generous offer.
Thank you So very much,

Stack Series #4
Georgina's Bengal cat, Elwood, napping on her Quilt Along with Melody quilt.

PS. The workman are finally putting my toilet back in! Imagine how happy that makes me.
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