Sunday, October 13, 2013

Collaborating with Georgina

Hi Melody,
Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So very much, for sharing and allowing all of us to learn, enjoy the process, the opportunity to receive what feels like a gift of your work. I feel so honoured.
My turn, I have been following the collaboration with much interest and have been attempting to define some parameters, to guide me towards deciding what needing a ‘Melody’ is about....without overthinking it.....I troll through your galleries, pinterest, then  select some of your previous works,... see what you are creating ,....and then I change my mind...again.
At heart, for me owning a piece of your work represents the dream of living and working in the US, which we are so thankful to have achieved. We spent nearly three years OTR driving from 2000-2001, (we were delivering wine barrels in Napa valley on 9/11.) A short stint in 2005, most of 2007-2008 and a holiday in 2010 with dear friends in Willard, MO. I feel my ‘real’ home is in Missouri. We met so many wonderful people, real people who welcomed us into their homes and lives, as you do with sharing your blog. We drove over 300 thousand miles, and achieved the milestone of driving in all 48 contiguous states.
We saw so much, it was really about the roads and what we saw and experienced along the journey, changing seasons, the light in the canyons and on the lake in Utah, the red cliffs and turquoise skies in New Mexico,sunrises, sunsets, (the full moon in Nebraska so close you could nearly touch it), mountains with and without snow, (two miles high!) plains, prairies, woods, rocks (Vedauwoo in WY), landforms both natural and man made, fields of broccoli or lettuce, orange trees, bridges over rivers, lakes, coastlines, cities, small towns, many animals and birds, that have become a series of images/memories that represent our happy times and travels. Place names that bought so many of the books I’ve read to life, and we are dreadful (as far as the children are concerned) when we watch TV...been there! And, yes, at times it was hard work, driving 30 + hours non-stop, rushing bathroom ,shower and meal breaks in order to meet deadlines. Hurry-up-and-wait at pack houses to load and warehouses to unload. It really is 24 hours from Tulsa!
I love, in no particular order-just all of them,  Blue Twig, Fenced Fields, Riverbank, Nine leaves,Nacre, Grasses, the ‘Stack’ Series, Red stack, #4, #5, #11, October Gift, Desert Sky, Prairie Sky, Cantilever, Full Sail, Allegro. Your paintings ‘aerial’, paint play #5.
Hopefully I haven’t confused you too much, with too much choice, I felt I needed to give some background and insight into why this is so exciting.
1. choices of size (with price based on size) 22” please

2. orientation: horizontal, vertical, square Wonky with escape hatch finish please.

3. color scheme: pastel, high contrast, dark and murky, neutrals, vivid, earthy  Colour is important to me too. I have no one real favourite, its more about how the colours play together.  “Hand dyed fabrics that change within the piece” to quote yourself, that give movement and light.

4. surface treatments such as hand quilting, fancy machine quilting, hand or machine embroidery, embellishments or stamping/paint (no beading!) Fancy machine quilting, with handwork, strings, dots.

5. imagery: abstract, botanical, geometric, atmospheric. Abstract, atmospherics. To me your stack series/street and rivers imply the landscapes we have experienced. I love the light in Desert Sky,  Leaf light and Cruciform-Green.

6. fused or pieced. no hand applique. Fused please, but as you will.
Thank you so very much, Melody,
with very kind and sincere regards,

  Stack Series #4 vibrant

Fibermania: Prairie Sky, hand dyed cottons, fused, hand embroidered, machine quilted.
Prairie Sky
 More Melody J.

Nine Leaves
 Fenced Fields  Silk and Cotton, fused, hand and machine quilted.  20x24" Melody Johnson


  1. What a wonderful letter! But how do you choose??? Can't wait to see this one.
    Georgina should work for the U.S. as a travel guide!

  2. This just gets more and more exciting!

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