Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Collaborating with Jessica

Note: Due to a series of scheduling snafus (totally my fault, altho our remodeling has something to do with it) I have reported a few collaborations out of the order in which they were accomplished. (Don't I sound corporate with that statement?)
To rectify my goof up, here is the one from Jessica, that never got posted.

Dear Melody, This is so exciting for me. I am partial to Striped Stack,
The Pier at Magenta Pond,

 Stacked Boxes,

 Pear Picnic, (painting)

Con Brio,


 and Dreamsicle.

I would like an 18".
Horizontal or square ( chuckle)
High contrasts, vivid
Hand and machine embroidery, some hand quilting if you feel like it
Abstract, botanical, geometric and Pear Picnic !
Fused or pieced, whatever the design dictates or tells you to do
I love lime green, aqua, teal, orange, purple, ochre, fuchsia
You are so kind to offer me this opportunity.  Thank you, thank you,
Well, it turns out that these quilts were waiting in the wings just for this moment to happen:
And Jessica decided on The Pier at Magenta Pond!
The Pier is made from hand dyed cottons, fused, hand and machine quilted. 18.25 x 19.75"
We are both very happy with her choice.

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  1. These are just stunning. I love your eye for colour.


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