Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Collaborating with Karen

Dark Value Study

Hi Melody--Here goes:  I think I want a 10" square but I could be talked into a 12", depending on what happens when you start designing.  Colors:  limes or probably any greens, blacks or grays, purples, reds, yellows.  All of these could be subdued as opposed to bright.  Maybe black or red stitching, machine or hand-stitched quilting.

It could be abstract or geometric, with narrow lines of fabric or narrow stitching.  I prefer pieced and probably mostly cottons but it can be your choice, ultimately.

Here are my favorite pieces: Desert Sky, Hilltop Houses, Orbs & Crosses 1, Dark Value Study and my fav--Cruciform Series 1: Red.  I think that is in "Traveling Quilts" currently.

So, hope this is enough to get started.  I am very excited.  Let me know if this makes sense to you.  Just got back from a trip and am dealing with sick kitties so it was nice to cruise into your quilt worlds for a while and forget about the events of the evening.  I want you to feel free to use your artist license on this project as you see fit!
Cheers, Karen
Orbs and Crosses #1
Desert Sky
Cruciform Series: Red
 Hilltop Houses

My response:
All of these quilts are fused and much larger than the requested size, so I replied to Karen:
Piecing makes it extremely difficult to get the shape and look of all the details in these works. Secondly, the format of a 10-12" square necessitates a much simpler design, or alternately a miniature version of a design you like.
I am assuming that you chose that size based on the cost? Yes?
Thirdly, to get the color changes in the fabric like those in Dark Value study, or Desert Sky, one must have the space to allow the color to change within the fabric.
So I am going to suggest you look at the Streets and Rivers series, which are in your size range and will show the color changes you liked and will have the opportunity for hand work, and subdued as opposed to bright colors. OK?


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