Monday, October 21, 2013

busy Busy BUSY

Generally speaking, I live a very quiet life here on the mountain, with snoring dawgs and distant guitar music coming from Dave in the garage, and that makes it difficult to find something to blog about. Not lately. In fact so much is going on that I don't have time to get around to blogging. There are lots of workers coming and going and things to discuss with them as the construction develops. And then of course, I have to get supplies, return supplies and get more supplies, so I am driving back and forth, always for the last time and then one more time after that.

And then in the middle of all this hubbub, my beloved washing machine quits. New last December, but under a four year repair plan (Thank Heavens!), the drain pump failed. Out came the repairman, diagnosing the problem and ordering the replacement parts. He returns to fix it today.

In the meantime I had to take three small mountains of laundry to a Laundromat in town while going to Lowe's, just across the street. I spent a fortune on washing and drying. 25 cents for three minutes in the dryer??!! What a fiasco.

Then I bought my needed supplies at Lowe's and upon my return discovered that the tiles I got were 4x4" and I needed 6x4". Ugh. I will be returning those today with a door that we decided was too wide, and buying more woodwork strips, light fixtures and thinset.

I did manage to finish knitting the current jacket, for my friend Kathy who lives in town and will meet me in front of Lowe's for the exchange. How convenient.

And I have tried to get started on my latest Make Me a Quilt collaboration with Claire. This is as far as I got. All silks, hopefully in or near her color choices...that doesn't mean I will be using only silks, it's just that they were on top of the pile of fabric which needed to be put away.

And I have begun knitting the next jacket for Sharon R. All Malabrigo Rios. Yum.
So how's the diet going, you ask. I have lost 8 lbs. since Sept. 27. So I would say it is going very nicely, and I will have reached my goal weight by June of next year. Yipes! Well, I was a little ambitious about how much I wanted to lose. I will no doubt reach a more realistic goal a lot sooner than June. I want to look better in my knits than I do now. Think Michelin Man.


  1. Gads! By now, if I were you, I would be a raving lunatic! Good thing you seem to cope well under stress! BTW, congrats on your weight loss. I know it's not easy... I've been maintaining my weight for over a year now, and still need to watch myself but I know now that it's doable. Hope your latest project (the remodel!) is wrapped up soon so we can see all the "after" pix!

  2. congrats on the weight loss. Haven't lost your sense of humor though. Thank goodness you're still freakin' hilarious...'ove Dee

  3. I'm laughing out loud at the Michelin woMAN...on ROLLER SKATES no less!! I'm pretty sure you're not looking like that. :) Here's hoping your remodel gets completed soon.

  4. YIKES!!! Remind me to NEVER remodel...haha.

  5. Melody, YES, you've nailed it so far on the color choices!! Doing a Happy Dance over here! Thanks!! ~Claire

  6. Hmmm. I commiserate. Picture a slow leak and gradual damage in the bathroom. Result? Lifting tiles, soggy floor, workmen arriving soon. Shower and loo out of commission for the foreseeable future. Thank goodness we are on the same property as our daughter and son in law along with their three scrumptious boys...twins of 15 and a 12 year old. All boys still give us hugs and tell us how much they love us. Mind you...I think our fridge and pantry are almost as popular! So...I'm not paying out for tiles and underfloor heating this time around. Vinyl will have to do. Insurance is only giving us $3000 so our purse will be empty....The cats will not be happy either.👿

  7. The photo of the Michelin man reminds me of my son who has Brillo bones and we were advised to put bubble wrap in his clothes when he started to crawl but everywhere he went he popped as.well as being so hot so instead I lined his clothes with wadding bought back memories he is now 19 I no longer put the bubble wrap or wadding in his clothes. Looking forward to see the next project ooooh xxx

  8. He doesn't have Brillo bones but brittle bones!!

  9. Love the knitting wool ready for the next jacket, the silks for the next quilted piece and congrats on losing the weight! A lot of weight on me at the moment, I remember your diet was an app? Can't remember what is was called would love to be reminded!

  10. Your life seems very interesting to me.

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