Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Make Me a Quilt List

I am constantly amazed by you Dear Readers. First of all that you continue to visit my blog, and second that you responded so quickly and excitedly to my idea about taking orders for small works. Why didn't I think of this years ago?
After one day I have amassed a list of folks who asked to be recipients of one of my pieces, made in the near (I hope) future in the soon to be configured loft studio. I say soon, but just yesterday I heard that construction will not begin for three more weeks!
So, I am going to try and work out a space where I can find my fabric, set up my machine, and start doing something soon.
In the interim, I did compile the list but have one pretty significant problem. I must have email addresses for everyone. If you see your name on this list without 'have email', please email me, or I will not be able to contact you. I'm at fibermania at G mail dot com.
Elaine M have email
pklaw  have email
Patte have email
Donaleen have email
Bonnie Miller have email
Fernande of Luxquilt  have email
Jessica P.
Livin' La Buena Vida en SMA
Claire O'Connor have email
Karen in Iowa
Cindy Griselda have email
As mentioned yesterday, I was trying to come up with either a new technique or a new approach to making art quilts. Something that would trigger new ideas and I do think I have found something:
I don't think I want to do any new technique, as I have tried just about everything that ever interested me in the past, but I do think I have an idea for a new approach.
When I start a new piece there are so many choices, and it seems to me that instituting some parameters might just help narrow those down.

For example:
1. choices of size (with price based on size)
2. orientation: horizontal, vertical, square
3. color scheme: pastel, high contrast, dark and murky, neutrals, vivid, earthy
4. surface treatments such as hand quilting, fancy machine quilting, hand or machine embroidery, embellishments or stamping/paint (no beading!)
5. imagery: abstract, botanical, geometric, atmospheric
6. fused or pieced. no hand applique.

Since I have the future recipients on a list already I thought I would allow them to choose the parameters. I never like to do commissions but I could think of this as a collaboration. That way they kinda get what they kinda want and I would have an idea of what direction to head. The final work would still be a surprise to us both, but input would be wonderful.

As you know I do (or did) work pretty fast so this could continue after this list is complete, but first I have to set up some sort of interim workspace. Then I will go down the list and ask for your input, so be prepared to make some choices.


  1. Melody, your enthusiasm is so contagious. I love it when you do these projects for people. I'm going to follow your every move. Go Girl!

  2. Hey Melody,
    Earlier this year, I was in a sort of similar situation - no sewing room (we got flooded), but still wanted to sew. At the same time, I was gifted with a bunch of fabric scraps (nice pieces)from a friend. It forced me to work with fabric I would not have purchased, and being able to sew while recovering from the flood/renovating the basement was terrific therapy. Good luck!

  3. Such an exciting concept. So many will be able to have their own "Melody". I'm here to tell you all you won't be disappointed! "Full Sails" dominates one wall in my living room and though it's been hanging for 3 1/2 years it still thrills me every time I walk in the room. The colors and workmanship just knock my socks off.
    I would be getting on the list but I've made a few quilts myself plus have started doing fused glass pieces for the walls and have no more space. I'm going to have to edit at some point, since I seem to have to have everything I love out. I'm going to have the house painted soon and then will try to thoughtfully curate my treasures. "Full Sails" will always have a prominent spot, though!

  4. Danggit!!!! Is the list closed? Am I too late once again?
    Maggie in Arizona

  5. I would love to e able to afford one! It's a great idea! Renovations are always stressful and often take longer than expected so its good that you're going to find yourself a little spot to work.

  6. Oh, I am very excited to be on the list! Do you think it would be helpful to look at your galleries and tell you favorites? That could be hard to pick. I know I would love to have squiggly lines (like Orange Avenue and many of the street series). I don't want to ruin your fun with too many criteria... is bright colors and squiggly lines enough or too much?

  7. Fab idea! A collaboration rather than a "commission"! Perfect!

  8. I am sooooo excited that poor muttley had to listen to me read out the entire blog...and the previous one...as we lay in bed this morning! Thank you so much Melody. I eagerly await your email asking for my input, but in all honesty I would like anything as long as your name is on it! Talk about old lady excitement! Phew!!

  9. Ann from MD3:55 PM

    If not too late, please add me to the list. I looked at the quilts in your Gallery and decided that my favorite ones are in the Botanicals category because of the exquisite blending of colors - pink to red, aqua to blue, etc. I would love to have one to for my very own.

  10. Melissa4:34 PM

    Melody - I am so very excited to be on the list and can't wait to collaborate with you, although as Bonnie said, "anything with your name on it" will be perfect!

  11. I am so excited to be on the list and look forward to hearing from you when we are ready to collaborate!

  12. Judy from Northport1:52 AM

    Hi Ms Mel ~
    Once again I am late to the party
    The question is, is it too late to join the list?
    The idea of working collaboritively with you on a small quilt entices

  13. Hi Melody,

    I truly love looking at your pieces and would love to own one for my daily viewing pleasure. If you have space on the list for one more sign me up! Karen in Louisville

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Karen South, I HAVE TO HAVE YOUR EMAIL.

  16. Is this list closed? I just found the blog. Either way, I love your work, love it, love it.

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