Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Small but Efficient

It was a big furniture moving day, and we even enlisted Dave's friend Paul who we coerced into going upstairs with tables and downstairs with mattresses and bed frames. I didn't have to do any heavy lifting.
Once everything was in the room, I moved the pieces around several times in search of the perfect working arrangement and decided on this configuration. It could still change, once I get going. I am only using one extension cord and one power strip, which I think is a minor miracle.

The big white table is where I layout all the fused fabrics, and then I can see what I need. I'll be bringing that very big, very full Rubbermaid bin of fuses fabrics up tomorrow. On my worktable I have a big Teflon sheet and my small cutting mat. The table itself is padding for pressing. My iron will plug into the socket on my right and the tall shelves of fabric behind me are merely decorative (ha!) or unfused at the moment. My design wall is adjacent, where I might pin up a work in progress, but more likely is where I would photograph a finished work. I have two chairs on wheels and in the adjacent room I have my comfy chair and ottoman, and the tv. My stereo gets good reception in the loft and I listen to radio when I work, rather than watch tv.

I was happy to see my sewing table just fit nicely in the nook between the upright beam and the railing. I only need to sew when the quilt top is finally fused and then I can move that table away from the railing and more into the room. Everything is scootable with either wheels or furniture moving discs.

I have bed risers under the legs of the white table, and have adjusted the height of my worktable to just a scooch higher to condense the space. Not visible is the convenient bathroom and the stairway, and the door to the loft bedroom. We moved the bed that was in this space into that bedroom, taking away the previous bed. It was all musical furniture today.
My only real need is better lighting which is to come when the remodeling begins. I may make the electrician do that first. I must get rid of the floor lamps and hope the new ceiling fixtures will flood the place with light.
There is more to come upstairs for the painting studio but it will all go in the adjacent bedroom. All my paint, big canvases, and the easels will fit in there. And good lighting will be installed too. There is a indoor balcony off that room, that can store stuff, and we have an attic closet that I will use to store my yarn overflow. When the remodeling is done, this entire loftspace will be my art rooms. Pretty neat!

PS: Attention Ann from MD and Maggie from AZ, you can still get on the Make Me a Quilt List, if you send me your email address. Otherwise I can't find you!


  1. just look at you go. now to get my a** in gear and try to keep up. ha

  2. It's looking good!!

  3. lovely and so clean and organized. please, please, please show us again when you've just finished a project so I can feel better about the thread and bits on my floor, lol!

  4. Whoopsy doo! That is amazing, and all done in one day. It looks great too...I would be embarrassed to show you my shed. There's not a lot of room, but enough for me with space for a couple of others to sit and work too. Trouble is that as soon as I start a project chaos reigns! Please pass some of your organisational genes through to us through your bog?

  5. Oopsy...not your bog! Your blog. B. L. O. G !

  6. Moving right along... and very nicely! I was actually admiring the floor lamps and the light they add. But overhead lighting will probably be better yet.

  7. Your room looks great! My goodness you have accomplished a lot just with all the moving around! It is like the domino effect at your house, but once all the remodeling is done the house sounds like it will be finally perfect for you and Dave. I am looking forward to seeing the lighting you install. I need better lighting in my studio real bad!

  8. I would think working in a much smaller area is going to take time to get use to.

    A few months ago we moved my sewing room from a small 3rd bedroom to a room twice the size. Now, I wonder how I worked in such a small space :) I create much better when I have some "breathing" room. In the small room I never found the right configuration. I hope you do better. Good luck.

  9. Anonymous10:28 AM


    It looks great, but methinks you are going to go bananas. Just saying. :)

  10. We are also remodeling..I'm hoping you will "enlighten" your followers on lighting fixtures...I am clueless! I'm tempted to leave the fluorescent light in my studio which is open to the rest of the basement fam room which we are upgrading. Others tell me pot lights are to spotty. Thanks & good luck!

  11. We are also remodeling..I'm hoping you will "enlighten" your followers on lighting fixtures...I am clueless! I'm tempted to leave the fluorescent light in my studio which is open to the rest of the basement fam room which we are upgrading. Others tell me pot lights are to spotty. Thanks & good luck!

  12. It's such a happy room and designed so well for creativity. I love watching your remodel. Thanks for sharing.

  13. How generous and sweet your offer of making projects for people much as I would so love to be on your list I'm along way away so I can just look on longingly
    . I love the colours and oh the neatness what heaven your workroom is please please keep us updated, you accomplish so much with the garden and the house I feel so lazy, keep up the good room xxxx

  14. How wonderful to have a new space with even more to come. Enjoy.

  15. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Where did you get your worktable? Really like the new room.

  16. The dawgs must be wondering what's going on? Will they both be able to visit in this space?

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