Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Hold

Everything is packed up and waiting for the renovation to begin. I can't fuse or sew, and I can't paint, so I am content with knitting in the interim.
However, something interesting is happening in my head. I am relieved not to have to make art for the moment. And the relief is WONDERFUL. On the other hand, I am really wanting to make art, a feeling which has been absent for some time.

I was emailing back and forth with my friend and fellow art quilter Mary, and she has been so excited of late, just having returned from Arrowmont,  and wants to play art quilts with me. Yay! But I said I need a kick start, some reason to make art quilts again. (I am done making bed quilts for a while, since I find them piling up in the limited closet space I have.) So Mary suggested/challenged me to make something small, using techniques or approaches that I have never ever used before. Try something totally new.
Hmmmm. What haven't I tried? There are lots of things I haven't done, mostly because I couldn't get excited about doing them. So those things won't work. Nope it has to be something that I would get excited about and that is what I want to find.
And I would love to have this challenge be like what I am doing with the jackets I am knitting. It would be great to have a list of folks who want an art quilt (for a meager price, heh, heh) that would set me on a weekly goal of fulfilling 'orders'.
I'll think on this for a time, whilst I wait for the studio space to become available again, and not scattered all over the non-remodeling rooms.



  1. Yes, please!! Would love to be on that list for experimental work!!! I am fortunate to have one of your pear paintings and very happy it survived the house fire of 2011, especially since it was in the kitchen where most of the water damage happened. It is now back in the kitchen on the narrow wall between door frames. Your work inspires me so much!! Hugs, Patte

  2. Well, I've been thinking that buying one of your quilts would be a perfect 65th birthday present (birthday in October).

  3. You and Mary playing Art Quilts exciting. I'm just a wee bit .....ok, a whole lot jealous.

  4. I also would be ecstatic to be on your list...that is if you are willing to send to New Zealand? Good luck with finding inspiration. You may have doubts but like me, your followers know there is magic in the wings.

  5. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Oh Querida, I'm in love with that top piece! Is this new or an unfinished piece you're just getting around too? It's fabulous!


  6. Sign me up!!! To own one of your small art quilts would be a dream come true!

  7. Melissa10:09 PM

    Yes, please!!! I would love to be able to purchase one of your beautiful art quilts - your use of color and composition is absolutely inspired ...

  8. Hi Melody,
    Sign me up too please! :-)
    Have you ever tried reversed fusing (like reversed appliqué)?
    For the moment PIVA in St Moritz is going on and this year I can't be there...I will allways remember the workshop with you and your song!! :-)

  9. Jessica Porterfield9:20 AM


    I always wanted to take a class from you when you were teaching but it was not to be. I would LOVE to be on your list!

    Sincerely, Jessica

  10. Oh yes, me too! Please add me to your list, a small art work from Melody is dream, that I thought would stay in the air. I will pay postage and packaging to Western Australia. I admire and respect your creativity, way of looking at the world and how you put this into your work. You are sooo inspiring, I can totally empathize with the sudden desire to create, when suddenly your studio is unavailable (even if temporarily) I've experienced this a few times, when we (myself and husband) lived in our truck in the USA (OTR drivers) for 2 years, on our sail boat (water and MC6500p do not mix) and then when we first came to Western Australia. You and Mary are so up to this challenge, love Mary's art work as well. Kindest regrds, Georgina.

  11. I love these posts about your thought processes most of all. It's funny where the catalysts for a change in direction come from...they are not always planned. Happy artmaking!

  12. Karen5:23 PM

    Melody, I would love one of your wall hangings. Sign me up if it's not too late. I have been reading your blog for a very long time. It is the only one I faithfully read every day and I get inspiration from you all the time! I just got a shipment of new dye colors and can't wait to play with them (but I do have to wait as I have company coming and then we are off on a hiking trip to the boundary waters area).

    Cheers, Karen in Iowa

  13. I have admired your art for so long and now I long to be on your list of lucky people! Experiment to your hearts delight! It will a journey I will enjoy watching and learning from!
    Paula in Michigan

  14. i would love to be on your list, Melody! I've admired your work for a long time--the color and energy has always spoken to me. I would be thrilled to have one of your pieces if it's not too late.


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