Monday, August 12, 2013

Sewing Room Tryout

I was so concerned about the fabric shelves being too tall for this low-ceiling room, that I emptied one and with Dave's help, brought it up and placed it. Yay! It fit! So I emptied the rest and had him help me carry up the remaining three shelves. For the rest of the morning I climbed the stairs with armloads of fabric and filled up all but two spaces, condensing as I go.  
That was about 24 trips. I was dripping by the time I was done.
It feels so much better knowing where I will be putting the tables and design wall now.
The wall with the two quilts will be my design wall, 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall. (I'll have to cut my current one down a few inches). The bed, chair, ottoman and tv table will be outta there and in the adjacent room. And that pink cloth topped table will be where my sewing table goes, under the window. 
Against the railing will be my white cutting table, (or clutter collecting table, really). It's about 6 inches wider than that upright beam, but close enough to fit the space.
In the center of the room will be my workstation, and that helped me designate where the new lighting will be placed. This is the really important decision for me. I must have good light for designing, sewing and photography which this room lacks, for now.

Cutting table, covered with painting supplies.
Where I sew now, to be moved soon.

Workstation or pressing table
I'm all for Feng Shui, and with a room like this with two doors, a window and a staircase, all my table positions will be facing the stairs. I have outlets on three walls for the iron and all my machines, including my stereo, and computer. The tv is in the next room, which I will configure at a later date.
I will find a place in the adjacent room for this rolling shelving unit, as it holds all my painting stuff.
And my wall o'wool will have to find a new home too, perhaps in the new walk-in closet.
So now, I pretty much know how to fill my new smaller space, to make it work for me. I'll be happy as a clam in the new sewing loft!



  1. Sounds great! I'm still trying to get in my new sewing room. For me it's not a question of where it will go as much as how to fit it in. :-(

  2. Looks like you have a winner of a plan. I'm getting a new sewing space and I've spent hours arranging stuff on graph paper. I hope it looks as good in real life as it does in my head!

  3. So glad it is working out for you! I'll look forward to photos of the "new" studio when everything is in place.

  4. Lots of changes going on at your house! So Dave will have what he needs and you will have a new and improved studio. Win, win!

  5. It's looking great!!

  6. It's such a pretty room. I think it will be a divine space to work in.

  7. Your reorganisation looks fantastic. You and Dave are sure having a busy time of late.

  8. You've come up with a perfect solution! I can't wait to see it take shape.

  9. Its so much fun to design a new space! I always have to have my work (sewing)space perpendicular to a window....just my "thing". I need breaks to see the wild life (mostly birds and squirrels, but sometimes racoons and peacocks) and the weather outside.Are you at all concerned with the possibility of the fabric on the shelves near the window fading,even if it does not get direct sunlight? Here in Fl. I have to worry about those sorts of things.

  10. love the room!!! So much great light.

  11. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I especially like the 'condensing as I go' part. Maybe if I moved all my Stuff periodically I could manage to reduce it. When I leave it in place, it sort of expands to fill the space available.

  12. I found you yesterday on Pinterest . I am blown away by your colour work .
    I have 6 kaffe F,. books , lots of his material but up to now I just stroke it .
    I,m hoping and wishing no more traditional quilts . I want to break away from boredom.

  13. Judy from Northport5:03 PM

    Every time you give us a peek at your quilts, I swoon...

  14. It all looks so beautifully neat and tidy even your old work room. I wish I was neat and tidy I am so messy and have such a problem parting with anything I think that is the answer to be ruthless and part with things I admire your organisation. Thank you for sharing I love it xx


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