Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Indoor Projects

You might think that it's the middle of winter, since we are spending so much time indoors. But no, it is rainy, muggy, hot and buggy (chiggers!) outside and I just feel better in the air conditioning. The house is getting cleaner by the minute, and of course we are moving stuff out of the studio in anticipation of the remodeling. I peruse Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and find inspiration on Pinterest, and in the latest issue of HGTV Magazine I saw a fellow diy-er had the same IKEA Edlund bed as ours, painted white and he had sawed off the four posts!

Here's our Edlund, which Dave painted lime green some time ago. I got him to saw off the posts, and here he is (Manly Man) filing off the uneven parts. I still had some of the green paint, so I touched up the raw edges and made a plan.

The four posts seemed to take up visual space and at the foot end, I had to deal with tucking in a bedspread or quilt, around the posts. I am happier that they are gone.
And I have a plan for a quickie padded headboard.

I'll need a 2" by 24"x 65" piece of foam. Cover that like a long flat pillow and add ties to the ends. Fold it over the headboard and tie the strings and voila, a softer headboard, with something nice fabric-wise to add to the color in the room. I am sure I already have the fabric, but need the piece of foam. Too bad my sewing room is in pieces at the moment. But I can wait.


  1. Why not just hang a quilt, (folded to fit) and pin in place. That way you can cover now and and change when you need a change... No sewing involved!!! Look at the head and foot boards and quilt display places!

  2. Jackie B9:20 AM

    Here is a tip. Recently saw the suggestion that instead of buying foam, buy a foam (egg carton) mattress pad and use that. It will already be the proper width. Love your blog and ideas.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    If you sprinkle powdered sulfur on your shoes and the bottom of your pants it will repel most of the chiggers. There is nothing worse than chigger bites.


  4. Love your clever idea for a headboard cover...and it can be something you can change from time to time too!

  5. Great bed. Love that multi-colored quilt. Must have missed it when you made it.


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