Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rubbish Raider

Aha! At last I have found the proper trash bin to thwart our rubbish raider Tony. The minute my back is turned he is on his back legs looking for treats in the waste can. This new one is a bit too tall, and has a great snapping lid. I was going to buy one with a foot pedal but then I saw this and liked it much better. The foot pedal ones have their mechanism inside the bottom which if the bag leaked means a trickier cleanup. This can doesn't have that. Haha, I win!

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  1. We had a trash bin surfer, once upon a time. We took an old-fashioned wooden mousetrap, and showed it to the pooch: snapped the bar a few times making as much noise as possible, to show what it could do. Then put the moustrap - UNSET - on top of the garbage can. The dog stayed far, far, away from it. The only thing is, you must remember to put the mousetrap on top of the trashcan.

  2. Poor tony! Look at his pleading wee could you deny such innocence?

  3. Chumley is obviously unimpressed with Tony's innocent/cute face.

  4. you win.....until he learns how to pull it over ;)


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