Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Potted Perennials

This is the strangest year for the garden. Lots of rain, and I do mean lots. Never have to water. On the other hand, the varmints are super destructive, eating the stems of plants right at the base, and walking away.
On the bright side, the perennials I put in pots are thriving and making me look like a genius.
 As if.
Here are some examples. Heuchera and Rudbeckia. At the end of the season, I will pull out the Rudbeckia, as I have way too much of it. I didn't notice it was there when I potted this one up.
Hosta and begonias. I put one or two little begonias in the hosta pots for a little color. A little creeping Jenny cascades out of a pot or two.

 I love the combination of different varieties of hostas with colored or textured heuchera.  One magenta impatiens found a home here. The tall buckets prevent the invaders from getting into the plants, keeping them from being eaten. Not so in the garden beds. One big new hosta was eaten away and most of the leaves are gone too. Neighbors are untouched, so far. It is moles in this part of the garden that are causing the destruction.
My Stargazer lilies are blooming and falling at the same time. Heavy blooms, lots of rain, and then chomped away stems. I gathered one for an in house arrangement. What a stink fragrance!

Out in the veggie beds, the tomatoes are doing pretty well, especially the Black Russian, but the green beans got too big and woody during the constant rain, and the yellow squash was chomped at the base, killing all three. I am disgusted. I feel a little guilty complaining, since mostly everything else is doing so well.

Little Ollie is at the vet today, being neutered. Poor Sweetie. But he'll be home this afternoon, ready to keep Chumley on his toes.

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  1. My coneflowers have fallen over because they got so tall with all the rain. Your gardens are beautiful even with the little problem areas. Let's hope Ollie bounces back quickly. I can't imagine what is going thru Chumley's brain - "hey, where did that dog go? He was just here and now he is gone." Chum will be so excited when his buddy get back home!

  2. I love Stargazers but could never bring any in the house. They literally take my breath away. In the house I am afraid they would induce an asthma attack. But aren't they gorgeous!

  3. Lovely garden photos, even with the critters using it as a buffet it is stunning! On our little farm in France the rain was so abundant that the farmers couldn't plant until July, crops are usually inplace by the end of March. And here on the West Coast we are parched, again.
    We lost our dear little puggy girl in April and are just now looking for a new pet, hats off to you for giving that little guy a good home!

  4. Lovely garden photos.I enjoyed the colours

  5. I do understnad getting another dog- and I am so glad you did. When my little schnoodle passed, I swore I would not get another dog. Yeah. Three weeks later I was the proud (?) owner of a rescued standard poodle. It has all worked out well. Good luck with your new little furman.

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