Monday, July 15, 2013

Ollie O. Oliver

It took a while and we changed our minds several times, but finally settled on Ollie O. Oliver. We don't have a real reason, just ran out of better alternatives.
It turns out that after seeing his papers, I was wrong about his name, Bronco, not Rocco. Even so, we like Ollie much better.
After the first night, when I discovered that he was full of fleas, scratching every ten minutes all night, I gave him half of Chester's Trifexis and that did the trick. Sunday afternoon we took a three hour nap, giving us all a fresh start. The rain stopped for a bit and the dawgs got to run out in our field, getting wet and muddy and having a wonderful time. This seemed to level their relationship, and Ollie outran Chumley 3-1. Then Chum showed Ollie how to enjoy the pond, walking in up to his chest. Ollie was not interested. Yet.
We were very happy to see that Ollie is seriously paper trained and right on target. So nice for me.

I continued to get organized and made my final purchase of storage containers, to hold all my art supplies. I had them in four or five spots all over the house. Whenever I felt the urge to draw or paint, I would have to search out the equipment, taking the fizz out of my enthusiasm. I have NEVER had all my stuff within reach, ever, not even during my art school days. Deciding to keep the wire shelving in the studio made it easy to construct this new system. Top shelf: canvases, sketch books, and watercolor pads.

Then the individual drawers hold all the colors. Click on this image to enlarge.
Some of my oil paints are from the early 80's. Disgusting. I found I have six tubes of Cadmium Red Light Hue. They must have been on sale. I have some pastels that are practically brand new, and lots of colored pencils.
Under those drawers I have some empty bins, and one full bin with 100's of brushes, stamps and texture tools for mixed media compositions.

If I feel like sewing, no biggie. The wire shelves are on wheels and can be relocated to the other side of the studio.
All my yarn is safely tucked away from dust and dawg hair, and my old shoes and clothes went to Goodwill, requiring two shopping carts to unload my car.
What got me started on this quest for better storage (and less stuff)? I was given some nice yarn from my friend Sharon, who was also condensing, and like a chain reaction, I had to find  make room for it. So glad she got me going.
My craft closet is so much easier to use now, with everything visible and easy to grab. And with the new pup settled in and the laundry done, I might be able to get creative again. Rain  forecasted all week makes staying in the obvious choice.

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  1. As in "Ollie-Ollie Oxenfree"? Too cute! And when he's bad you can call him Oliver! And he will know he's in the dawg house! BTW, I love your storage... you are truly talented in your organizational skills along with everything else! Congrats on achieving your clean out goals...

  2. A perfect name! He's soooo cute.
    Now you're making me want to go out and get containers and start in on my own organization. I've got a ton of polymer clay that needs to be thrown out since its old and hard and it would free up so much space in my cabinet in the casita. And getting all the paints and brushes, etc. would feel so good. After seeing all your paints I wondered if you've ever painted on fabric ala Judy Coates Perez. I love her work, too, and am hoping to try it soon. I can hardly imagine what you would come up with. I did buy some of those Tsukineko (sp) paints and did a couple of fish for one of our quilt challenges but would love to try the whole-quilt thing.

  3. I have five or six blogs I check every day and I save yours for last because it is my favorite and it is like dessert.

  4. Love it! Ollie it is!

    It feels good to get organized. I'm still working on it here. Still giving things to Goodwill as I sort through what is and isn't necessary.

  5. Ollie sounds perfect. He is a cutie too! When I hear Oliver, I think of Eva Gabor on Green Acres calling to her husband. I like the way she pronounced Oliver. If you refer to him as Oliver at any time, will you be using that same accent? Tee-hee.

  6. Muy bien ordenado todo! te felicito, es que ya no tienes más espacio y lo has sabido aprovechar! me gustó mucho el perrito!!!!

  7. My art supplies are all over the house too. I just don't have room all in one place. You've inspired me to ponder it though.
    Right now I have my fabric painting supplies near where I do my fabric painting. My drawing and watercolor supplies I keep upstairs for easy access when I want to draw.

  8. Ollie! It suits him to perfection doesn't it? He looks as though he has become one of the family quick smart...and knows how to pose for the camera like a pro!
    I have recently reorganised my shed too. It feels so good to have it done but oh my...what a lot of stuff I have. Mind you I love it all...and on the days when I don't have time to work out there I will go in and look, breathe deeply with closed eyes and raised head...and smile. It sets me up for whatever I have to do outside of there.

  9. Welcome to blogland, Ollie!

  10. Brige1:05 AM

    Hey Melody - Love Ollie! - It is awesome that he is paper trained already. (sooooo much easier on you two.) Wanted to tell you about some cool sticky label tape but does not leave residue labeling tape, it's called Post-it® Labeling and Cover-Up Tape. (it has post it note sticky all over the back but like 2 to 3 times stronger in stickyness) You should be able to find it a Walmart. It comes on a roll like scotch tape does. It is AWESOME and perfect to temporary mark your storage containers/drawers with. It should stay put until you are ready to peel it off to change a label.

  11. Post-it® Labeling and Cover-Up Tape

  12. Bronco, like Bronco Bama.

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