Thursday, July 18, 2013

That Free Pattern!

Remember that free pattern I offered here on the blog on July 5th? Well Bonnie Miller from Down Under jumped right in and made a fabulous version. She writes:
Hello Melody

This is the quilt I have made from the pattern you so generously gave after losing Chester.  I put the bird and the words Flying Free on it because that is what he is doing now...and because others will understand when I tell them that there are no right or wrong ways of making the just fly by the seat of your pants!  The fabrics are my hand dyeds with the addition of some commercial prints.  I'm sorry my photos aren't nearly as good as yours.  My daughter was holding it up for me in the wind on a beautiful winter day.

I'm so glad that Ollie has found you.  He is one very lucky little puppy.

Many thanks for the pattern and for setting me free of measurements!

Speaking of Ollie,
He is back from the vet, having been neutered and is doing just fine, like it never happened.  I haven't been able to get another good photo of his wiggly self yet, so this one will have to suffice.
After deciding to call him Ollie, I am afraid it just did not stick and now we are calling him Tony.
Tony? How can a Chinese Pug be called Tony? You might ask the same question about the name Chumley. I guess the only explanation is that he needed a name with a distinct percussive sound. The TTTTT sound got his attention and the name just popped into my head. I've been calling him Tony ever since. Adding to that, he has a very deep bark, not like a puppy, but more like a big dawg, so we are saying Tony Baritone-y might be his full name.

And that brought to mind an old sketch from the Canadian comedy show Kids in the Hall. We repeat this dialogue frequently in our (weird) household. I looked for a video of this skit, but no luck. Here's the dialog, short and stupid but to us very funny. Keep in mind that the Kids were all in drag for this bit.

Silvee: What's wrong, my Michelle?
Michelle: Oh, Silvee, I can't stop thinking about Tony, wondering where he could be, who he is with, what is he thinking, is he thinking of me, and whether he'll ever return someday.
Silvee: Oh, Michelle.
Michelle: Hmmm?
Silvee: You have to stop lying awake wondering about Tony, wondering where he is, who he could be with, what he's thinking, if he's thinking of you, and whether he'll ever return one day.
Michelle: Oh.
SilveeMichelle: [Man enters] What?
Man: Upstairs we are having a fabulous party, but we've run out of wine. So I am forced to borrow a bottle of yours. My God, it stinks in here! It stinks of stupid women wondering about Tony, wondering where he could be, who he is with, what he's thinking, whether he's thinking of you, and whether he'll ever return someday.

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  1. Melody que hermosos colores! me gustó mucho, parece una obra de arte pictórica! Tony...Tony me gusta!

  2. That is one beautiful quilt and one DARLING pup!

  3. What a beautiful quilt and lovely sentiment. Coincidentally, I linked to you on my blog today too. My accomplishment is much smaller as Iv;e done just two blocks that will go into a pillow cover.
    Thanks again for the tutorial! It's a fun process!
    Ollie is indeed one lucky dog!

  4. Love that she made the quilt thinking of you. Tony is beautiful, I keep saying no more animals, but this picture could make me change my mind. I live, work and travel in a small motorhome and need a hiking buddy. Are these type of dogs good for long walks, or do their short little legs prevent them from going long distances?

  5. Brige2:44 PM

    So happy you got this dog!
    So glad you went with an older puppy.(I bet you are too...)

    Otherwise if you had not he may have ended up in the hands of a breeder. They scan craigslist just to find breeder dogs.

    As you know if you want some thing off craigslist you have to ready to move on it quickly or some one else will get it.

    I also got my Boston Terrier off Craigslist from a family who had puppy buyers remorse. I begged them to pick me out of the other interested parties so that he would not go to someone that just wanted to breed him. He was 4+ months old and he got neutered right away also after I brought him home. (too many puppies/dogs already in this world that need homes)

    As far as names... It takes a while to settle on one. Next week you might be some thing different. You have to get feel for what really fits them.

    Love the quilt one of your readers made. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Brige2:53 PM

    For Teri - Short nosed dogs do not do well in hot weather. They cannot properly cool down their bodies due to the short nose shaft.

    Pugs, Boxer, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers are just a few short nose breeds that cannot handle hot weather for longs periods of time.

  7. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I read somewhere, many years ago, that cats hear consonants better, so we have always gravitated to names like Sassafrass and Gizmo and Schminky. Perhaps it's that way for dogs too!

  8. What a lucky dog that Tony is to have the two of you for his parents. I'm so glad you were able to move forward and make a wonderful home for another deserving pug. Tony is a great name. I've also been decluttering and getting rid of old stuff. My studio hasn't looked this good in years, and four of the closets have been purged. I hate "regular" housecleaning but for some odd reason I find cleaning out closets, cupboards, etc, fun.

  9. OK, the Pug Tony is obviously adorably, but, THANK YOU for sharing the KitH bit! Me & my (weird) guy have been laughing all morning over it!
    I wonder if Tony ever did return?

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