Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I am so Flattered!

Here's a photo of a quilt I made eight years ago, and sold to someone nice in one of my classes. It is made of hand dyed silks and cottons, fused and machine quilted.
Croton #2
22" x 34"
Melody Johnson quilt
And here is  Bangle 25 made of polymer clay made by Bridget Derc, inspired by my quilt: This was inspired by the wonderful work of Melody Johnson whose art quilts are quite exquisite. I am not totally happy with it but I will definitely wear it.

I think it is totally fantastic.  See more of her work here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bridget_dercs_photos/

PS. 1000 Followers! OMG.


  1. Both are beautiful! I'll bet she had fun making the bracelet. For some reason this post made me wonder if you've rotated the quilts you have hanging in your house lately. I always love those photos!

  2. You are famous! How wonderful...but how could she not be happy with the bracelet? It is gorgeous. You could paint your car like that...

  3. What a wonderful bracelet and how fabulous that you inspired it!!

  4. The quilt and bangle are both fantastic!

  5. TracyMay9:13 AM

    Just what the eye needs: bright colors and harmony. Could you share your techniques with us on how you created this wonderful art piece.

  6. the quilt is lively and I would definitely give it house room ;), the bangle even more so, but what is really special is that the artist acknowledged the inspiration. Way to go Melody :)

  7. Annie7:09 PM

    At first look I thought it was a bowl! I love the colors of both the quilt and the bracelet.


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