Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Parts

The parts are all pieced and ready to sandwich and quilt. I used up the leftover strips in one long panel of stripes which will be quilted and then cut in half lengthwise to form the border for two sides. That border will go alongside the smaller blocks.
Here's the layout I have planned. You will note the orientation is different than it is on my design wall.
This is the way it will be constructed (not counting that long strip as pictured.)

Speaking of the strip of stripes...I love this and feel like it is the start of another quilt. A strippie quilt perhaps.

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  1. These colors are beautiful together. This is going to make a very happy quilt.

  2. Chris5:29 PM

    I love all your photos your home looks so beautiful. Can i say your drawings of quilt designs are so like mine it made me laugh, mine are always on scraps of paper because I've had an idea usually in bed! Thank your for sharing so much beautifulness xxxx


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