Thursday, May 02, 2013

Planting Day

Gardeners will understand that when planting time is here, everything else is put on hold. I will get back to regular quilting after the garden is in, which could last until June first. While in town yesterday I got more plants, Japanese Blood Grass and lots of Wave petunias, both half priced.
I started soaking my hyacinth bean seeds a few days ago and they are sprouting, so in the beds they go today.
Oooh the dark rich soil... it cries out to me to get my hands dirty, but I have new garden gloves, so they will stay clean, mostly.
I wanted to show my hosta nursery. All the small plants were grown from seeds, which are plentiful at the end of the season. I didn't plant any, but did transplant them all to this spot where I could nurture them and keep an eye on their growth.
One day they may be as big as this beauty.

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  1. Love your blog and read almost every day. I am totally envious of your yard and green thumb. How/when do you collect the hosta seeds and when do you start them in small pots (I'm guessing)? I'm across the mountain from you in Burnsville NC and grow many of the same things. I love hostas for their ease of care (none) and find perinnals great since they keep coming back. Can't wait to retire and become a clone of Miss Mel!

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Eeeeeee, hosta!


  3. Kia- ora Melody from New Zealand. I am following with much interest your gardening endeavours its all starting to look so good, I am especially interested in your Hyacinth beans --- seeds --- are they a different species then the Hyacinth bulb which is what we grow here to bloom in our spring .
    Kiwi Jan
    Jan Cotton NZ


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