Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Six Block Quilt ?

Only one more block to make this morning, but I decided I would blog it now anyway. Never would I imagine I could make a big quilt from only six blocks, but here is the proof. When all are made it will measure 72" square, but I do intend to do a small edge border on the opposite side of the smaller blocks. Yes it is an offset design, big time.
The weather was so nice that it was difficult to stay inside and sew, when instead I could be basking pondside learning how to relax from the goldfish. They know how.

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  1. Quite exciting, Melody, I like how your experiments are large ones.

  2. I like the offset design with the smaller blocks to one side. I also like the bit of white in the centre of the larger block. Very effective!
    Hope you take a little time to relax by your pond.

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