Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recycling Print Parade 3

I've started working on the former small quilt Print Parade #3, and have increased the size from 24" to 37.5" square. Only two borders have been added and quilted, and it has changed from a dark collection of prints to a sunny warm yellow-y top. I'm sure some of the darker florals in my stash will soon make an appearance. I'm doing flip and sew because I have lots of long strips of batting, so I might as well design the quilt to use them up.

There is a bit of red and pink as well as green that must be repeated. Note the hand stitching in pink on that narrow green strip. Sweet.
I got a late start as housecleaning seemed to rear its ugly head. I had to move a few items out of the way in the studio and into my bedroom, resulting in sweeping, washing and rearranging. While necessary, it makes one lose focus on getting anything creative started. On the other hand, I re-discovered three brand new queen size batts, a bolt of cotton batiste and a half bolt of 60" wide cotton sheeting that I forgot I had. Always doing that forgetting thing.

I got up early and the moon was just setting. So big and beautiful that I ran to get my camera and went out on the porch in bare feet to shoot it. The darn thing kept waking me up all night, like it was daytime.
Friday is my day for the knitting group, but I haven't been knitting much all week. Once I start quilting, I forget to knit. But a day out is a treat that I will not pass up so I'll let this top languish for a day and return to it on Saturday. Nothing exciting planned for us for Easter, just a bit of candy, maybe.

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  1. The transformation on this latest piece is extraordinary! I love te use of prints too.! Hoe you had a fun knitting group! I wish there was one here.

  2. Oooooh - love these colours Melody - look forward to seeing the finished piece

  3. Thanking you for this blog owner i will visit again

    live samachar

  4. Not only hand stitching...but a but ton (!) too! Awesome.

  5. I love the colors and the fabrics. Is it just a coincidence that I have many of them in my stash? Also love the hand quilted wavy line; I do a lot of those when I'm hand quilting. (and I have to say, they look almost as good as yours do!)

  6. Your photos are always just right, a distance view and close up. I do the same thing with quilts in my studio... on the design wall to see the BIG picture and then a walk up closer to see the details.
    BTW... Chester has that same TRIDENT on his forehead that my sweet little Pug Daisy had... (kids called it a pitch-fork). Always nice to see da boys doing what they do best!

  7. I love the yellow and green fabrics. This is lovely.


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