Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Busy with Brother

While my machine is on the fritz (deep sigh) I asked to borrow this Brother machine from my lys, Three Black Sheep. I said if it would fit the cutout of my sewing table, I would consider buying it as a backup machine, in case my beloved 6500P ever goes kaput again. It didn't fit, so I called and said I wouldn't be buying it and would return it as soon as the snow storm ended. That was last Friday. At last the weather calmed down and I was all set to take it in today. But then I thought, I won't have a machine again until the first week of April (another deep sigh) so I might as well take advantage of having this machine at my fingertips, and finally put on the binding of that quilt, A Different Palette.
It did a lovely job, effortlessly. Hmmm. I began to have second thoughts.
What it doesn't do is what I feel hesitant about. I am used to having my machine in a table, not up higher on top of a table. And I am used to a button that cuts and pulls the thread to the back with one push. Once you have that feature, it's all over for other machines. And thirdly, I am used to a knee lift lever. REALLY.
On the other hand, this machine has one feature I don't  have on my machine. A stop and start button, freeing one from using the foot pedal. It really is NICE. Very easy to get used to and once I did, I was starting to weaken. It has lots of the same features that my Janome has, and the feet are exactly the same, as the manufacturers are the same. But it does other things easier, like changing the width of satin stitch with a slide lever, while the machine is stitching. And it has this very nice serpentine stitch, which I tried out with a twin needle and at varying stitch lengths and widths. I likey.

It free motion machine quilts perfectly too.

So what's not to like? Well....I really, really want another 6500P, but they have gone up $500 in price since I got mine and I couldn't find a used one anywhere, until today. It's an Ebay auction which ends Friday afternoon. If I can win that auction, then all will be settled. If not, then I'll get this machine. That's a lot of ifs.  If you have a Janome 6500P you want to sell, email me.
In the meantime I thought I might do another recycle quilt, from the Print Parade series. I don't have much of the fabric featured in the original but do have lots of reds, greens and golds that could work.

But I didn't get any farther than this, and want to actually consider a design for this project. Imagine that.
Dave set up a bird feeder and we waited for two weeks before a bird showed up. Mostly we see nuthatches and black capped chickadees. Here's a cardinal with his feathers blowing in the strong wind.

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  1. That cardinal looks pretty funny! Kind of looks like he's trying to stay proud despite the ruffles. I love that you're doing another recycled quilt. Makes me wish I had some.
    I would love a machine that has the slide adjustment for the zig zag, very handy in landscape. It makes me wonder if anyone around here carries them.

  2. When your machine is out of whack, it's like having one of your children sick. It doesn't matter how many other machines that are out there there is nothing like your Janome.

  3. What about a 6600P there might be trade ins to buy with people upgrading to 7700 & 8900 machines.

  4. Anonymous11:34 PM

    did an ebay search for Janome 6500P and eight showed up...think you need to do some

  5. I have a Brother machine, different model. My DH shaved 3/8" off the front of my cutout so the machine would fit. It also has the automatic cut button. Good luck finding the right machine

  6. I don't have a machine to sell but I was very surprised to learn that Brother and Janome machines are made by the same manufacturer. I was told by a dealer that Brother and Babylock sewing machines are essentially the same machines being made in the same factories but with different covers. It is difficult to keep up with who makes what these days. Thank you for the info. I will now include Janome in my new machine search.

  7. Hi
    I regularly drop by to see what you have been up to, which is all amazing.
    I am sure you have been in my fabric stash as I see fabrics from there appearing so often it is uncanny.
    Good luck with the sewing machine search, a couple of years ago I had to go through the same process as my beloved 25 year old Pfaff started to play up too often for comfort. After considerable research I bought a Janome 7700 CQP, which has a stop start button, a knee lift and a large throat but it is much larger than my cutout so now I have to sit with my chair raised to its highest and a box for my feet - it doesn't help being short!
    I hope your search for the 'right' machine is successful.

  8. I replaced my old Pfaff with a newer one about 5 years ago, and the new one doesn't fit the cutout of my sewing table, so I got a "Sew Steady" plexiglass table which has a custom cutout to fit my new Pfaff... works great!

  9. Don't compromise on what you want -your sewing machine is like part of you and you'll be spending lots of hours with it.

  10. I believe Janome and Kenmore are from the same manufacturer. Kenmore's are great machines and a LOT cheaper than Janome.

    I have a Babylock Symphony that I love with all the bells and whistles, but I use my Brother PQS1500 the most. It's like the Juki's but slightly less expensive. It's a straight stitch mechanical machine (I love that it's very heavy and sturdy with no computerized "stuff" to go wrong!) that has a knee lift, push button thread cutter, and a large throat area.

    Good luck finding what you want.

  11. Considering all the hard work your machine does for you is $500 really a lot more to pay? You could sell a couple of your smaller quilts with names that a cryptic way...where the money is going. If I were you I would not take any chances on the unknown. You know what you love...go get one!!


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