Sunday, February 03, 2013

QAWM : 15 Blocks

I think this is the width I will stay at, more or less 60". I could work toward a 60x60" or a 60x72" and be done with this trip. It is difficult not to try to design it more. Know what I mean? But I know that is the point of scrappiness. I am letting go of controlling the outcome. Sorta.

I am now collecting the strip ends into a pile. They are of uneven lengths, but of course still usable. I think I could save them for this great simple quilt design, or use some of them up for these other two that I have considered recently.

 We had a momentary blizzard and Dave got his hopes up to use his toboggan, but it all came and went just as fast. In the afternoon the dripping melting snow sounded like rain.
I got this nice email from Debbie about her QAWM experience.

Hi Melodie,

I thought you might like to see what you started last year in QAWM. You challenged me to use solid colors, which I had never done before. So of course, I dutifully bought a LOT of solid colors. When QAWM was done for the month, I still had a lot of solid fabrics. And I started looking around for what I could do with them. I ended up making a 'housetop' style quilt (a la Gees Bend) and it started a year long project for me. It was so meaningful to continue to work in one direction for a year.

Here is a link to the slide show of my quilts (I made them for a gallery display in a local church.)

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  1. What a wonderful way to start my Sunday with that fabulous and inspiring quilt show. What a talent she is!! I feel uplifted! Thank you, Mel for showing us!

  2. Debbie is a poet. Not only is her talent and her faith an inspiration, she has found beautiful scripture to pair with her quilts. She seems to have a deep appreciation for the message of the Bible. Thanks, Melody, for sharing Debbie's quilts with us.

  3. Thank you for sharing the very inspirational quilts, her work is both delightful and respectful of the verses she used and lives by -

    I made a scrappy trip around the world a few years ago and ended up with just about as many scraps as I started with:)

  4. What a beautiful group of quilts. Love that you have text within them, truly inspirational beauty. Thank you so much for sharing these with everyone.

  5. Thank you for the link to Debbie's work -- just the peaceful beauty I needed this afternoon.


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