Saturday, February 02, 2013

QAWM : 8 Blocks

I'm psyched!
Piecing is going along swimmingly, since my strips are already precut, and I don't have to be careful about choosing what goes with what. I did try and make a strong contrast between the first and last fabrics and that made the diagonals stand out more. But now that I have seen the Flickr Scrappy Trip Along group's work, I certainly am doing the most traditional of settings, so far. What's nice is that this thing can grow up, down, or sideways, without missing a beat! I've seen some very nice ones with solids too. O boy!
I doubt that I'll be running short of strips anytime soon, and haven't even considered breaking into my jelly rolls yet.
But I must confess that I wish I were using my usual sweet pastels... maybe next top.
We began watching Netflix's new version of House of Cards last night and are set for the weekend's viewing. So good. Dave says, "I like it" and "This puts West Wing to shame". Well it is entirely different than West Wing, that's for sure. I did binge-watch the British version in preparation for the new American production and since they are both streaming, it is great winter TV. I do believe we will pass on the Superbowl in favor of this tour de force. Five stars.
And now your daily Dawgs...

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  1. Love love love the pastels - they look so good laid out. I am in total agreement with you, its time for me to use up my scraps and the scrappy trip around the world is ideal - looking really nice as well. And I can't believe anything is better than West Wing?

  2. Nice work Mel. Love me some scrappy goodness. This looks like fun - I'm still working on the Great Granny blocks. That one really grabbed my attention too. Next up-trip around the world.

    Pups in repose-fantastic.

  3. We have watched just begun to watch House of Cards as well, 2 episodes so far, and we are blown away. It is so good! Kevin Spacey is phenomenal.


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