Friday, January 18, 2013

X's and O's

X's and O's
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 11x14x1" $100 Email me.
This was TOTALLY fun. A painting just about color and shapes, and edges and middles, and smooth transitions with highlights and outlines. I used some hand carved stamps, and a paper towel cardboard core, and painted into the shapes to define and alter them, changing the color to bring more interest.
So what am I up to?
Well, when I turned 65 (eek!) I had a feeling, sorta undefined at the time, but it has since become: If not now, when?
I've decided to do all the things that I wanted to do and didn't have the time (reading in the daytime) or had to put off for other reasons, and one of them is to learn to make art that is non-objective. Not like anything I used to paint.  And to not apologize for it. As mentioned, the artworks I see on Pinterest are responsible for resurrecting these feelings, altho I have had them since I was a college freshman. At that time I was encouraged to follow my 'strengths' and that meant realism. O.K. But what about other stuff? Now is the hour!
I must go fearlessly forward.
And here's the other side of the coin. I also want to make some traditional quilts. Yes! Me!
Quilts like this:
Scrappy Trip Around the World and this Patches and Pinwheels and this Baby Girl Trip Around the World by twinfibers

I am even surprising myself with these feelings/urges. But since you visit the blog often enough to see me bouncing from one thing to another, I thought a bit of an explanation was in order.
Now here's one more bit to add to the equation...
I am going to be doing Quilt Along with Melody (QAWM) again in February, so the paintings will be going on til then, and then abruptly shift back to quilting.
A few years ago I thought I might get involved with a group of Modern Quilters, and after a few meetings, I was ready to throw in the towel. I had rather unrealistic expectations. But recently a gal from that original group contacted me and I felt inspired to come back. Yes, really. So I will try again to fit into a group, to share my new/traditional (as if) quilts with!
So back to this painting. Here are some closeups, and obviously I got back on the color train, despite the fact that most of the work I have been studying has been black and white and gray. Just ever so cool, but not me.

If there was ever a vein I could mine, this is it. I get up early and practically run to the studio. No anxiety filled 'shoulds' are allowed. I just love this process. My pajama sleeves have paint on them to prove it.

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  1. Good for you Melody! There are no rules really, are there? If there are, it's so much fun to break them. I look forward to seeing the outcome.

  2. Anything that makes you RUN to the studio is good, good, good! And I love the colour and order and spirit in this painting - more, more please!

  3. Now you know why my 'word' for the year - in fact for the foreseeable future - is 'PLAY'! I turned 65 last fall, which I consider to be a huge accomplishment! And I think trying things I haven't done before, or returning to things I have done before just because they are fun, is my reward for being a 'good girl' all my life and doing what was expected. BTW, I LURVE what you are doing in your art! It is so playful, fun, and brings smiles to my face when I see it... delightful! And paint on PJ's is definitely in order. As for the 'traditional' quilts, that may be going too far! On the other hand, I'll bet they won't look like anyone else's 'traditional' quilts when you get done with 'em... just saying! ;-)

  4. I love seeing your paintings (and everything else too).I am interested to see the photo of the scrappy Trip around the World quilt. It is on my list for this year. If you make that one I am sure it will be differnt from everyone else's that I have seen.
    I am so happy to hear that you are going to have another QAWM and can't wait to see what it will be. I particiapted in the first one and started blogging because of it.

  5. Hmmmm....sort of interested to see the non-traditional traditional quilts! And anxious for the QAWM...maybe I'll join this year!

  6. Glad you are going to give the Modern Quilt guild another look-see. We are not about making everyone into a specific mold but rather giving each person the support and appreciation to be what their art calls them to be. Each of us has so much "art" in us that never comes to the surface. Making a few traditional quilts keeps me focused on some of the feelings of cozy, warm and home that I enjoy. I plan to join the QAWM this year. I love your tutorials.

  7. "Paint on my Pajamas:" a good title for something. And a great visual!

  8. Je suis heureuse que vous recommencer QWAN en février, j'aime

  9. I soooo get what you are saying. I will be 65 in August and the same thing has happened to me! So far this year I have made three quilt tops and untold pencil cases and purses. All the little things have ZIPS in then which up until now have terrified more I more! One of the quilt tops is a 'modern' sort. None from patterns. Not one...and this from someone who has never had the balls to do that before. It must be the year of the older child I think. And I cannot bear to waste time sleeping either. Even my Muttley is surprised at the fervour pervading his serenity, poor man.

  10. LynneP1:00 PM

    How wonderful that you are so filled with creative joy!

  11. More wonderful, fun, beautiful work! I love what you do and I'm delighted that you are soooooo enjoying your art. Paint on the pajama sleeves?.....sounds like just another one of your art projects!! Looking forward to the quilt along.

  12. The quilting world has caught scrappy tripalong fever. I am trying to dig out fabrics from my stash that I don't really care for to cut and sew up, but alas I'm busy with other things.
    I learned "if not now when?" a couple of years ago. Being diagnosed with a dread disease does that to you.
    So many things to do so little time!

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  14. Love this one - could it be cropped in landscape with font like yours? Very genuine, very good reputation!
    Best wishes - Lurline

  15. Beautiful live Art ! priceless! Thank you for your show!Hi from Russia!


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