Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dotted Grid

Dotted Grid

Acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas, 8x8x1"
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Today I decided to stop practicing and get down to real painting. I primed a canvas with molding paste to eliminate the perfect canvas surface, and put down a pastel-nearly-white background color. Then using the photo I found of this wonderful dotted ceramic piece, I painted in my dots, all dark blue, even the lighter colored ones as they are now. When I saw how dull the allover blue dots looked, I repainted some in colors that would contrast with the background, ever so slightly in some cases. That still did not satisfy, so I laid in a wash of more color behind the too light dots.

I was able to get a haphazard effect by allowing the drybrush to blur edges and leave bits of color.
I believe I stopped myself before it got too fussy. (double click for extreme close-up).


  1. How fun! Funky pointillism! As always, I love the colors used... you and I definitely have the same color sense... bright and bold, even when you use color washes!

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