Sunday, January 20, 2013


acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 11x14x1" SOLD

What can I tell you about this piece? It was a slow careful painting preceded by a swift laying in of color. I allowed the first layer to dry, untouched overnight.
It was actually dry in minutes, but I wanted to allow my mind to rest on what I would do next and that required time.
Something about these small works suggests painting in a hurry without allowing the inner critic a foothold. Get it painted unencumbered by the thought process. That is should look as tho the artist ran up to the canvas and dashed off a composition, effortlessly.
Even if that wasn't the case.
What really happens is that one paints something, and then realizes it is wrong and spends the rest of the time trying to fix it. That ultimately ends up showing on the finished surface. So instead, I admit to needing to rein myself in, and engage the brain.
The initial brushstrokes gave me a clue where to go from there, and I found a perfect brush to enhance the lines and details. It was so lovely to carefully place each line and dot.
I might add that after th initial layer, I spent the rest of my day alternating reading and napping in the very sunny and warm studio, held down in my chair by two very loud snoring dawgs.
Then I rose at 5am, and began my finishing of the work.
The lightest parts are very difficult to photograph but they also contain lines with only the very slightest contrast.

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  1. Karen3:08 PM

    I love your paints, your quilting, your baking and your gardening.

    I made your fruit and nut bread recipe yesterday and you are so right--it is delish and it makes great toast.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. this makes me thing of angel wings!

  3. I love it! It evokes such a light, happy, cheerful feeling!


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