Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dotted Grid 2

Dotted Grid #2
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas,
8x8x1" $100 Email me.
I could not resist working a bit more in this series. I feel like I am getting a little more control over my paint. Not so much that I tighten up, but that I can get that crayon-sketchy look that I want. My secret is an old sprung brush that no longer forms a point. I use it to dry-brush on the paint, blurring it and working it into the surface.

Yes, the colors are getting a bit brighter. Hmmm.
Grouping them together shows me where I am heading.


  1. You should design a line of commercial fabrics! This would definitely be something I would love to purchase yards and yards of in a quilting cotton!

  2. Perfect post for National Polka Dot Day!

  3. i absolutly love the dots!
    i use finger dot painting often as there is no sense in pouring paint away when fabric can absorb that color!
    love the frames picassa 3 can do and the pups... are adorabile!


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