Monday, December 10, 2012

Time to Bake the Cookies!

A few nights ago I gave up trying to sleep in my narrow twin size bed with these snore machines. I eased out from under them and snuck downstairs to the queen size guest bed which I had all to myself for most of the night. I say most of the night because one by one the Dawgs noticed my absence, sniffed out my whereabouts and resumed position.
My legs were locked between their little furnace bodies, resulting in the exact same situation as before in the smaller bed.
O well.
It has been so warm for December that I removed the heavy comforter and replaced it with a light quilt, which is still thrown off at intervals. But last night a thunderstorm blew in, with huge noisy boomers and lightening, and I was actually grateful to have my legs warmed up by the boys. It all works out in the end.
But the subject was cookie making...This was my weeked to get into the Christmas spirit by attending to my ritual of choice, baking. I had gathered all the ingredients, printed out new recipes and cleared the counters of everything but baking essentials.
Then I knit for a couple of hours.
All that cleaning wore me out.
Later, after the cream cheese and butter had reached room temperature I made Lemon Cheesecake Bars.
 The link has the recipe which calls for lime zest but I had only fresh lemons, which worked out perfectly. This picture is from last December's baking day.
Pinned Image I also made a cookie that I found on Pinterest. Andes Mint Chocolate cookies This picture is what got me. Unfortunately, the cookies didn't come out so nicely, even tho the directions and ingredients are SIMPLE. I got thin flat soft chewy limp cookies which stuck even to the parchment paper liner. Dave didn't care how they looked, and continues to eat them up. Fine.
The next day I got  up early to clean up the cookies mess, but why bother? I made another traditional recipe which works as a breakfast cookie, because of the oatmeal in the mix. Heh, heh.

I call these Kitchen Sink cookies because I throw in whatever additions I happen to have on hand. I've already had three with my coffee this morning. Yum.
Sunday was also our 34th wedding anniversary, and I planned a nice steak dinner at home, as usual. But this time we thought ahead, and scheduled the meal for the exact moment between Dave's pill times, so he could enjoy it. It worked! Yay! Afterwards, with a full tummy and a bit of wine I went to bed for an afternoon nap. I am such a party animal. It was a great anniversary, and the first of December's events has been crossed off the calendar.

Any cookies left for me?

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  1. OMG! Those cookies look soooo yummy! And me trying to keep the weight off... however, I weighed in a little low this morning, so maybe just one? Right! Enjoy, and Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated 25 in November, and tomorrow is hubby's 70th birthday... woo-hoo! BTW, the dawgs just keep getting cuter and cuter! Little love muffins!

  2. Now, those dawgs don't look like they need any cookies. Happy anniversary...and merry Christmas!

  3. Great cookies, I feel hungry to see them, so beautiful Blog, I wish to come again here for more entertainment.

  4. Judy Morningstar11:48 PM

    Happy anniversary!

  5. Those two dogs are just too cute. You could write a book. One of my Shih Tzu's does that licking thing too. Nice to hear he is not alone in the world.


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