Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Room

My inlaws lived in the same house for almost fifty years, and never once rearranged rooms or furniture.
It is not the same for us.
Determined to find a way to accomodate both dawgs in my sleeping space resulted in moving rooms again.
We are now quite satisfied.
Our new room has my little chair and ottoman, a dresser adjacent to the bathroom closet, topped with the tv, my stereo across the room but reachable by remote, the phone and three windows for light. The living room library is only steps away and fireplace serves to warm this bedroom too, if I keep the French doors open. While we do have central gas heat, we rarely use it, unless it gets below 20 degrees outside.
Chumley and Chester must cling close to me at all times, unless eating, which I am closely monitoring, since Chumley has been advised to slim down. He asks, "Do I look fat to you?" His jowls are quite floppy these days and I swear I saw his ribs once last week.
I have lots of quilts that almost cover a queen size bed, but methinks a new one is about to happen, since I have all that Kaffe Fassett fabric burning a hole in my brain. I need something with more lime green in it...and a new coordinating curtain. And matching shams. Why not go the whole route?
Yes I feel like sewing but Dave is busy painting (round 2) the trim in my studio, so I will have to wait.
Not a problem. We are very content to listen to NPR and knit.

There is something about our dawgs...they lick. Licking is their favorite pastime, and just before they nap they must lick the surrounding area. One must always look before one sits, as wet spots may be evident. I keep a washable cloth cover on most of our furniture for just such occasions. Here is my little chair and ottoman from Ikea which I covered to be more girly. I am still enamored of pink, but green will vie for prominence in the coming days.
Chumley tired of sharing the ottoman and left Chester to it.
 He claimed me for his own.
Update: I just brought out this twin duvet (comforter inside) and it works PERFECTLY. So I will put the new big quilt idea on hold for now.


  1. Love your room.....the colours are fantastic.....

  2. It was all I could do to NOT kiss that cute dawg face on my screen. Your boys....all 3 of them....crack me up and make me smile. Tell Dave I've got LOTS of trim that could be painted if he was so inclined. Love your room!

  3. Your home is beautiful. That shot through the bedroom into the livingroom is lovely. It shows your hardwood floors and fireplace - all so cozy. You make me want to move to Tennessee.(no income tax, too!)

  4. I get exhausted every time you move rooms and switch things up. I think I have 'stuckitous' and then I think about all the work involved and it gets overwhelming.
    I don't know how you do it.. :-)
    And it always looks so good!

  5. Hi, I'm a big fan (shamelessly in awe) and I love everything about your color aesthetic since I love all the same things you do! My bedroom and house is much cluttered and the colors are very subdued. Thanks for showing me that I can give myself permission to live with more color!


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