Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Domino Effect

Change one thing and it changes another until everything has been revised. That's what happened here.
The big idea was to get the big black flat screen and cabinet out of the living room, and all its accompanying wires. I wanted a living room that was conducive to conversation and not a collection site for snack litter, dawg toys and chews and shoes, always mine, but still...
Then I got the idea to share my studio space, the part that I rarely used anyway, and make a Family Room out of half of it. Dave painted the rock wall and the fireplace (LOVE THAT MAN!!) and that got the ball rolling.
We switched out Dave's larger tv with the studio's wall mounted tv (reattaching its stand) and reused this cabinet on wheels to house the cable box, dvd player and receiver. Dave has ordered surround sound earphones, thus negating the use of five huge speakers and their accompanying wires.
Hold that thought.
Sunday morning at 3am I was awakened by a blast of light and huge crashing thunder. We were struck by lightening, taking out our phone, internet and cable tv. So all this tv moving was done without knowing if they were going to work when we finished. Only one phone and one answering machine (still in the dark ages) were destroyed....we were so lucky.
Without tv all day we resorted to playing Scrabble while listening to Christmas music. It was so lovely and reminded me of our humble early days...34 years ago. Sweet!

We moved the white couch (aka the dawg couch) from the living room into the new half of the studio, with accompanying chairs and ottomans. I put an oldie but goodie quilt (Croton) on the wall and we were ready to watch tv...as soon as the cable guy arrived to fix everything. We assumed our hit was a catalyst for the whole neighborhood's power outage, so we didn't call it in until 8am Monday. By noon we had power and internet again. Phew!
The Dawgs moved right into the new space, bringing their toys.

The thing I really like is that the cabinet has wheels and can be turned so I can watch and work at my studio table at the same time. Much better viewing than the old wall mounted smaller screen.
However, one thing doesn't work yet...Our old blu-ray dvd player has to be connected by WIRES to the main cable box in the living room. So it won't work here. No biggie. I am going out today to buy a WIFI blu-ray player. Gotta have my streaming Netflix.

The dawgs love it too.
And I still have plenty of work space.

The revised living room arrangement, sans the big black hole flat screen that once dominated this space. Unfortunately the cable box and router had to remain at this spot, so I covered those up with a table and chest and put a small stereo there to disguise the wall connections. Just music, no picture. Yes! The sofa that had been upstairs in the loft bedroom was moved downstairs and being smaller, gave us lots more room. Now that's a grown up living room.

Dave says he can easily paint this narrow table. O boy!

PS: the big ol' tv and cabinet are in the garage, with the boat.


  1. Sew delightful! Love both the new look in the living room and the new space in the sewing/gathering room. You manage to make it all sew you! And yes, you're so lucky to have Dave to do all those wonderful transformational chores.

  2. Now you are getting me inspired to rearrange. Nesting syndrome? Anyway-I would suggest putting a turntable under the TV so you don't have to turn the whole stand to see the TV while sewing. Works great. Here's a link to what I'm talking about.


  3. Love your post! but, were those real dead mice or toys? LOL
    Enquiring minds want to know :)

  4. I love your little chair in the last photo. Is that your own creation? Thankfully my DH likes to (or doesn't mind) paint--not my thing at all, although I seem to come up with projects that require painting!

  5. You love color and color loves you. Nice eye candy post!

  6. So fresh and clean! Well done.

  7. I know that domino effect well. It's looking good.

  8. I'm as curious as Cindy - were those real dead mice? The new arrangements of furniture look wonderful! I bet it feels refreshing!

  9. I wish my house had as much colour as yours! I love how the dawgs often look so bored in photos, as if its all beneath them! Have a wonderful holiday season.

  10. Anonymous7:39 AM

    We were hit by lightning two years ago -- it will take awhile for all the problems with your electronics to show up.

  11. I love this new arrangement of your studio/tv room. I can't tell you how many times I wish I were in the living room with my husband while I'm working on a project. If it's handwork I'll go ahead and sit next to him. This is the ultimate solution.

    PS.. I too was wondering about the dead mice but then I remembered you once showing the dogs' stuffed mice chew toys. :-)

  12. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Love the new arrangements. So bright and crisp yet warm and inviting. You inspire me to sew covers for the dozen pillows that live on my sofa. Merry Merry, judy


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