Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Car for the Boat

It's a 2000 model Expedition with over 200K miles on it, and is immaculate. I kid you not.
Of course, I was totally against this purchase, but out voted. The argument? This vehicle has enough power to tow the boat up and down the mountains, which are in the way of getting the boat into the water, so it had to happen.
Secretly, I am happy to have it, as the interior is deluxe and I can drive it! And I may have to.
And making me even happier is the end of the truck, as soon as some other guy's wife gets overruled.

It's always somethin' around here, isn't it?
Well, if it makes Dave happy, and I don't have to wrap it and force it under a tree, I guess I am for it.


Recently Chester has developed a fear of going down the stairs. He can go  up and down our outside stairs but suddenly the inside ones are daunting. We have to carry him down, after much whimpering. Poor baby.

I am feeling really satisfied and happy these days with the new changed rooms. The living room has stayed CLEAN and all the toy mousies and chew toys (and my shoes) are back in the family room. The wifi dvd player was half the cost of our previous one and I connected it and got it running all by myself, with only one call to Netflix. This makes me a little smug. Heh, heh.
And my new phone came with its own answering machine, and I don't have to record a message, as it has one built in. La dee dah.
So now, shall I make something in the studio today? I think so!

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  1. What color is the floor at the bottom of the stairs? Maybe Chester is having problems seeing it? Poor baby.

  2. Poor Chester. Have you tried putting a small treat on every other step to lure him down so that he regains his confidence?

  3. Poor Chester. Maybe something hurts when he climbs down?

  4. LynneP1:37 PM

    Can't wait to see what you create today!

  5. He might have developed a fear of the steps because they don't have a back on them... although if he can go up them it may not be the case. You might try covering the back of each step with cardboard or fabric and see if that helps. Yay, new to you vehicle!

  6. You may have to carpet the treads. I bet he's afraid of slipping!

  7. Poor little Chester! Maybe he pulled a muscle or something. I hope he'll return to normal soon. Love the new vehicle, and I'm glad Dave's happy. :-)

  8. Dogs have terrible vision and the white stair treads and low light this time of year has him afaid that he will miss a step. Try putting some painters tape on the the risers so he can see it when he is coming down. He will need to have his confidence reinforced. Of course dinner will be a huge motivator especially if there hasn't been any food all day (no treats or snacks).

  9. Will Chester go down if you hold his collar and lead him down? I have a blind dog that I do that with. Although she tries to go down the stairs on her own, she falls some times. If he went down before, I vote for the fact that something might hurt - if the outside stairs are not as long or steeper. How old is he? Does he take any gloucosomine?

    Love your line about some other guy's wife getting over ruled! Merry Christmas! Lois


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