Tuesday, November 27, 2012

. . . I had a coupon

A few weeks ago I found myself in need of retail therapy. I had a coupon for Joann's, for 50% off any one item, plus my VIP card which gave me another 10% off my entire purchase. It's like finding money in the street.
I was gonna buy a large 36" square canvas, of which I already have several...so instead I got this big set of Liquitex acrylic paints.
It's not like I don't already have a slew of paints, but these are all new, and not in different conditions, such as ultra liquid, thick as glue, dried up in the tube etc. Or some such reason.
I didn't open the box for a month, waiting for an auspicious day.
Yesterday was auspicious enough.
To begin, I decided to squirt the paint onto paper, and using my now defunct Blue Cross/Blue Shield card, I scraped the paint all over the surface. Very freeeeeeing!

OK, they are not very interesting at this point, but just think of them as fabric or collage materials. There are even four metallic colors in the set.

Paint Play #1
My first composition. Paint Play #1 is 12x12" canvas paper, a really nice surface to make a collage, and so I did. Acrylic, inks, gel pens, colored pencil, and stamping, acrylic satin varnish. The Works.

A detail.
I made the yellow dots with my little fingertip.

Paint Play #2

For my second composition, I used three yellows and scraped/painted them onto an 8x10" archival mat board for my background. Rip, rip, paste, rip, rip, paste, and then stamp, draw, paint some more.
I collaged some bits of my tryout papers and drew over them, with gel pen and dip pens.
Acrylic paint, gel and dip pens, colored pencil, acrylic satin varnish.

Now that I can stand at my worktable pain free, I am so going to continue to play like this. Woowoo!


  1. I love never knowing what I'm going to see here! Paint. Quilt. Knit. So much fun each visit. Love the Paint Plays.

  2. Wow, it's like getting the big box of crayolas when we kids! What fun you must be having! I love their exuberance!

  3. Wow, what an amazing paint set! And what amazing things you create with it.

  4. Lovely colors to wake up to this morning. Thank you. Glad you are able to stand pain free and recovered so quickly. Happy days ahead!

  5. Oh Melody....these are gorgeous and I'm envious. I wish I had even a speck of the talent that you do!

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Hi melody - just wanted to ask you if you have ever heard of Sherrell Khan?

    Her web site is www.impressmenow.com she even has a couple of books out too.

    As always I love your use of color. Color makes me smile.

    Denise from Sacramento

  7. gotta love those 50%'ers!! and why buy one tube of paint if you can have a whole set??? Also keep an eye out at Dickblick's for good art supply values!! I'm thinking of gettin' some bottom line from Joann's since they carry a bunch of cool threads online!

  8. So when are your writing your book? Quilting, knitting, painting, collage and gardening ideas all in your glorious colors! With some recipes thrown in just for extra fun.

  9. Anonymous10:05 PM

    how does one get a VIP card?

    finger painting....hummm

  10. Yowsa! First off, congrats on scoring such a great 'single' item with your coupon! Second, I just love what you do to my heart rate when you cut loose... totally inspiring! Can I come play wit you? Puh-leeze? It's only about 1500 miles to your house... I could be there in a week or so, except then who would take care of hubby and kitties? Sigh... guess I'll just have to play in my room, but you give me such ideas! Tanx...

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